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Jimmy Hart Shoot Interview

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There isnt much that Jimmy Hart hasnt done in his long career. From writing music to working everywhere to traveling the roads with Hulk Hogan to booking, Hart has earned his place in wrestling history as one of the all-time great managers. Hart talked all about right here in this RF Video shoot interview. From Memphis and Andy Kaufman to WWF to WCW, Hart became an open book and went into detail about everything. If you liked the Jim Cornette shoot interview, this one is a must for you. “The Mouth Of The South” will keep you on the edge of your seat with lots of great stories and information. Here is what he discussed:

-Going to high school with Jerry Lawler and starting in the wrestling business.
-His music career.
-Early memories of Lawler, Jerry Jarrett and all the Memphis legends.
-How did he and Jim Cornette get along?
-Hart talks about learning the business and who taught him what.
-Who was Harts favorite and least favorite to manage?
-Hart goes into detail about the classic Memphis angles he was involved in.
-All the details on working with Andy Kaufman and what Kaufman was like outside the ring.
-How did Kaufman change business?
-Could that angle work today?
-Working with Tommy Rich, Fabulous Ones, and all the top Memphis stars.
-Hart tells lots of road stories.
-Lots of talk about going to WWF.
-Hart discusses his first impressions and how the locker room treated him.
-What was Vince McMahon like?
-The differences between WWF and Memphis.
-Working with Honky Tonk Man.
-How did he feel about Honky Tonk Man refusing to job for Randy Savage.
-Hart goes into detail about working with all the big names from the 80s like The Funks, Hart Foundation, Wendy Richter, Junkyard Dog, Rogeou Brothers, British Bulldogs, Greg Valentine, Jake Roberts and others.
-How did he become friends with Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake?
-Hart talks a lot about Hogan.
-Working on the first Wrestlemania.
-Memories of Roddy Piper.
-What happened when Nailz attacked Vince McMahon?
-How did he get along with Bobby Heenan?
-Hart talks more about the top WWF stars at the time like the Steiner Brothers, Ted Dibiase and Andre The Giant.
-Why did he comeback to manage Hulk Hogan?
-What was the deal with Hogan refusing to job to Bret Hart?
-Hart talks about writing theme music.
-How did Vince change over the years?
-Hart talks about his favorite angles.
-Hart gives the scoop on what things were like in the WWF locker room when the sex scandel broke.
-He talks about Thunder In Paradise.
-Hart discusses Hogan going to WCW.
-What was working with Hogan in New Japan like?
-Hart gives the scoop on how he ended up in WCW.
-Memories of Eric Bischoff.
-What are the biggest misconceptions of Hogan?
-Hart talks all about the Dungeoun of Doom.
-The differences between WWF and WCW.
-Hart discusses his behind the scenes roles.
-The politics in WCW.
-How things changed when Kevin Nash and Scott Hall came in.
-Why everything with the Ultimate Warrior failed.
-Lots of behind the scenes stuff on the hows and whys of everything Hogan did.
-Hart talks about Goldberg, The Giant and many more of the top stars.
-Hart really goes into detail on all the behind the scenes business in WCW.
-His relationship with Randy Savage.
-What was it like when Eric Bischoff was demoted and Vince Russo came into power?
-Thoughts on when Bill Busch took over.
-His view on the Radicalz jumping to WWF.
-How did Hogan and Bret Hart get along when Hart came to WCW?
-His responsibilities in WCW at the end.
-The sale of WCW and what he thinks of Brad Siegel.
-Hart talks about lots more!!!
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