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John Nord Shoot Interview

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Nord the Barbarian, AKA the Bezerker, one of wrestling's most well remembered gimmick wrestlers. RF Video was able to talk to the man behind the Viking helmet, John Nord, in a brand new exclusive shoot DVD! Fans of wrestling in the '80s are going to love this interview as Nord was around all the major territories and every single big name in the business. Verne Gagne's AWA. Fritz Von Erich's World Class Championship Wrestling. Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation. World Championship Wrestling. Touring Japan. Nord crisscrossed the wrestling world and has lived to tell about the amazing world of entertainment mixed with excess, instant gratification, and debauchery.
Nord talked about working with a greenhorn Jake Roberts and being ribbed by Dusty Rhodes in the early stages of career. Anyone who watched the Spectacular Legacy of the AWA is going to be fascinated as Nord talked about growing up with Curt Henning and Road Warrior Hawk along with why he didn't get along with Nick Bockwinkle. Do you remember Wrestlerock? John does, and he gave us the inside scoop on that unforgettable moment in wrestling history.
We were able to get Nord to open up on whose idea it was to pattern himself after Bruiser Brody and also got John to talk about meeting Brody in Japan. Why did Brody walk out of a New Japan tag tournament and what was it like to be ribbed while working against Antonio Inoki? Was Brody seriously considering jumping the rail at WrestleMania I? Nord answers these and many other questions, such as: why Nord left the AWA and no showed his match with Bockwinkel on the same night Hennig won the strap, what it was like to work in Portland, and why he went to Texas to work in World Class. We grilled Brody on various Von Erich questions, including whether it was true that he refused to put Kevin over at the David Von Erich Memorial Show.
The subject of Brody weaves throughout the interview as he was such an important man in Nord's career. John talked about a confrontation between Brody and the Ultimate Warrior in World Class, and how Warrior held that against Nord later in the WWF. Nord discussed the plans he and Brody had for the future and the horrible phone call he received from Barbara Gooding explaining what happened in Puerto Rico. For the first time ever, Nord explains why he didn't go to Brody's funeral.
Just an amazing interview that covers the gamut of wrestling history. How did the AWA change during his runs in Minneapolis. How Nord got into the WWF and why he changed his name from Viking to Berzerker. What it was like to work a program with the Undertaker. How the Iron Sheik got fired. All of this and so much more, heck, we haven't even discussed Nord's run in WCW! You won't want to miss this great new release!

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The Berzerker
ruiz_matthew (Unknown) 10/4/2009 8:34 PM
John Nord is one of many pro wrestlers from the Minnesota area to achieve success! Nord talks about his real life friendships with Road Warrior Hawk, Rick Rude, Barry Darsow and Curt Hennig. He talks about being 1985 Rookie of the Year and spending time in AWA, Mid South, WCCW and doing the independents before going to WWF and WCW. He has great respect for Verne Gagne and Bill Watts, he talks about the grueling schedule for Mid South. The best part of this interview was when he speaks about his friendship with Bruiser Brody! He gives great stories on Brody, on how they met, teaming up togeher in AWA and Japan, how Brody brought him to WCCW. Nord goes in detail on how he and Brody were going to come th WWF as a tag team in the 80's. Nord talks about Brody's death and gives a surprising reason why he didn't go to Brody's funeral and how he regrets it to this day! Nord talks about going to WWF first as the Viking and then being called the Berzerker and hating the name. He praises his time there and enjoyed his feud with the Undertaker. He talks about going to WCW and how injuries stopped his push and eventually ending his career! Great interview with great stories.
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