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Kamala Shoot Interview

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Here is an exclusive shoot interview with the man who never talks in front of a camera, Kamala. Never before has someone been so open about pay days and his views on racism in pro wrestling. Kamala talked about his start in Memphis through his entire career from Texas, Midsouth, Japan and of course the WWF. Kamala also discusses his entire WWF run and we talk about all of his major feuds from start to finish.
Who did Kamala have fights with and why? This is one shoot interview you do not want to miss as Kamala said himself that this was his best interveiw to date. Kamala opens up to RF Video for the first time and comes to life in this shocking interview.

Here are some of the questions asked in the interview:

-What did you do before wrestling?
-Were you a fan prior?
-How did you break in?
-How did your training in the UK help you in the states?
-Q: What was your gimmick as Sugar Bear Harris?
-Early memories of Percy Pringle/Paul Bearer?
-Early memories of Europe?
-When did you start painting your face?
-What brought you to Memphis and how did the Kamala gimmick come about?
-Who came up with the original gimmick video of Kamala and where was it shot?
-How did you come up with your style?
-Was it frustrating taht you couldnt show people that you were a good wrestler?
-How dangerous was the fire you played with in Memphis?
-Memories of working with Stan Frazier?
-Did you live the gimmick in public?
-Did your other friends and family think it was too racial?
-How did you get along with Jerry Lawler?
-When was the first time you worked with Andre The Giant
-Thoughts on Andre and the first few matches?
-How did you wind up in Mid South
-Thoughts on Bill Watts
-Was Bill racist in your opinion?
-Thoughts on working Duggan in M South?
-Thoughts on working with JYD?
-Thoughts on Dibase
-Thoughts on Steve WIlliams
-Did you see Bill abuse younger talent?
-Thoughts on working the World Class area
-Thoughts on Fritz?
-Were the Von Erichs out of control
-Favorite Von Erich to work?
-Thoughts on working with Terry Gordy?
-What was Bruiser Brody like to work with?
-Did you have any heat with Abdullah The Butcher since the 2 of you had somewhat similar gimmicks?
-Thoughts on Verne Gagne?
-What do you remember about Wrestlerock?
-How did you wind up in WWF
-Initial thoughts on Vince?
-Was it difficult working a long series with Andre?
-Is it true Andre made racist jokes?
-Who was your favorite Kim Chee/Friday?
-How did you get along with Blassie?
-Did you have fun doing the TNT skits?
-You didnt stay in the WWF long, why?
-What was the locker room like at the time?
-Thoughts of working the Mid Atlantic region?
-Memories of the Great American Bash against Magnum TA why it was edited
-Thoughts on Jimmy Valiant?
-What brought you back to the WWF?
-Did Vince change at all?
-Memories of working with Hogan?
-You worked with Jake Roberts, describe Jake in and out of the ring?
-Would you say the same about Tony Atlas?
-You actually stretched Mick Foley during this time period?
-Memories of working with Curtis Iakea?
-Thoughts on teaming with Sika
-Thoughts on being paired with Mr. Fuji
-Fuji ribs?
-Again your run in the WWF was fairly brief, why?
-Who were your favorite opponents back then?
-What was the party scene like?
-Do you think it was punishment for something when you were put in a feud with the Young Stallions?
-After WWF you went back to Texas, how did things change in Texas from the first time you were there?
-Were you frustrated with the business by this point?
-Did you think about a career change?
-You went back to working in the USWA, was this a fun or depressing period for you?
-Were you surprised once Lawler started working for Vince?
-Is the party and groupie scene more crazy in WWF or Memphis?
-Explain the circumstances for your return to the WWF in 1992?
-Again, how had things changed from the runs in the mid-late 80s in WWF?
-Was Vince different?
-Thoughts on working with the Ultimate Warrior?
-Do you think he is given a bad rap?
-Memories working with the Undertaker?
-Did you think he would last this long on top?
-How were things different with Bret Hart on top rather than Hogan?
-Talk about the pay disperity between you and the Undertaker and how you came to find out?
-Thoughts on your casket matches?
-How did the babyface turn come about?
-Do you think the line was ever crossed between hate and fun with the racial stereotype angles/vignettes?
-Any you liked or didnt like (aka: Kamala bowling)
-Interestingly enough you never appeared at a Wrestlemania during your original 3 stints. How come your Wrestlemania 9 match against Bigelow was canceled prior to the show?
-Thoughts on working with Shawn Michaels?
-After you left the WWF what did you do?
-Were friends and family in and out of the business surprised at how little money you made?
-Do you think you made more money in the territories in the 80s than in your WWF runs?
-Do you think your pay was based on the color of your skin?
-You did occasional indies, thoughts on working indies?
-How did you wind up in WCW in the mid 90s?
-Do you think Hulk Hogan gets a bad rap?
-Thoughts on Eric Bischoff?
-Compare Vince to Bischoff?
-Thoughts on being paired with Kevin Sullivan and the DOD?
-You worked without a contract, were you hoping Vince would take you away?
-How did your Wrestlemania appearance in the gimmick battle royal come about?
-Recently you have been back to working regularly in Memphis. YOur character has done some crazy things like sing dinner music and dress in suits. Thoughts?
-How did you wind up back on Raw recently for the Diva contest?
-What were you thinking during the contest?
-How did the younger wrestlers treat you at the show? Were they respectful?
-During the 80s when wrestling was more kayfabe, were you ever contacted by any civil rights groups?
-Thoughts on Ben Peacock's Kimala 2 gimmick?
-Thoughts on working with Dusty Rhodes?
-Thoughts on Jerry Lawler overall over the years?
-Did you ever just wanna go out there and work a 30-60mn wrestling match without the gimmick?
-Favorite Kim Chee?
-Least favorite Kim Chee?
-Best rib you ever saw?
-Good road stories?
-Favorite opponents?
-Least favorite opponents?
-During the 80s when you worked southern territories that were still fairly racist, did you have any close calls with fans?
-Do you think it is a racist business?
-do you expect another call from Vince?
-Do you think you should be in the WWF Hall of Fame?
-Was there ever anyone you wanted to work with you never have?
-What do you think of the current WWF product?
-Have you ever stepped on glass or tacks accidently since you walk barefoot to the ring?
-How do you explain your longevity in the business?
-Would you say Kamala was a good worker?
-For a man your size, how do you stay in cardiovascular shape and not blow up early?
-Do you think it is a Catch 22 in that if you lose weight and work on your health you are pretty much out of wrestling bookings?
-can a skinny Kamala draw?
-What is the biggest meal you ever ate?
-Did Kamala get ring rats?
-Advice to aspiring wrestlers?
-Do you think the business will ever boom like it did years ago?
-He also talked about having a Gun and knife with him
-Working Raw with the Diva contest
-He talked about his payoffs and went into great detail of how much he legit got paid talking very open about $ numbers
-THere is alot of stories about his eat with Abby and what happened when he refused to do jobs to Giant
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