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Kevin Von Erich Shoot Interview

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There are few names more legendary in the wrestling business than the Von Erichs. However, the legacy of the family will be the unbelievable tragidies rather than their in ring heroics. For the first time ever, Kevin Von Erich sat down to give his open and honest thoughts on everything the Von Erich family has gone through in this RF Video Shoot Interview. Kevin holds nothing back in talking about his brothers and his parents including some shocking stories that have never been told anywhere. This is a must for anyone who ever wanted to know the inside happening of the Von Erich family. The Von Erich saga has never been told like this by a member of the family. Here is a list of topics discussed:

-Growing up around the business
-Going to the NWA conventions with his father & brothers
-Why he stopped playing football and started wrestling
-Who helped with his wrestling training
-Why he wrestled barefoot
-Memories of his first match
-Memories of Fritz's retirement match
-Using drugs in wrestling including shooting painkillers into his knees
-Memories of Georgia Championship Wrestling
-Memories of meeting Terry Gordy for the first time
-Thoughts on Bill Watts
-The Von Erichs vs. Freebirds feud
-Story of why Mike Von Erich got into the business
-Memories of the first Parade of Champions show
-At what point did wrestling stop being fun
-Thoughts on Bruiser Brody
-Memories of the hair vs. hair match at the Cotton Bowl with Kerry & Kevin vs. Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez
-Thoughts on working stiff
-Memories of Kerry beating Ric Flair for the NWA Title
-Thoughts on Kerry getting the title instead of him
-Never told story of an incident in Fort Worth where they got a phone call right before he went to the ring about Mike being in a serious car accident
-Memories of Gino Hernandez, how he found out he died, & thoughts on his death
-Memories of wrestling Ric Flair
-Memories of wrestling Black Bart at the Cotton Bowl in the sleet
-Why he thinks business started to go down during that time period
-How he found out David died
-Talks about the stories of David dying from drugs
-Memories of Rick Rude
-Why he hated Lance Von Erich
-Working Japan
-Reaction to the Penthouse artlce on his family
-What happened when Mike almost died from Toxic Shock Syndrome
-Was Mike forced back into the ring too quickly & memories of the match where he came back
-How Mike was different after the Toxic Shock Syndrome
-What incidents led to Mike committing suicide
-His conversation with Kerry the day he killed himself and how he thought he talked Kerry out of it
-Why Kerry committed suicide
-Did he know how bad Kerry's drug problems were
-Why led to Chris killing himself
-Thoughts on people saying Fritz pushed them too hard
-What happened in Fort Worth when Kevin collapsed in the ring and needed CPR
-Memories of the fake heart attack angle on Christmas night with Fritz
-Talks about Kerry's motorcycle accident and how he lost his foot
-Thoughts on Kerry returning to the ring after losing it
-Thoughts on Kerry going to WWE
-How he hid it from the other wrestlers
-Reactions of his family when other promotions started to run their territory
-Did he ever consider going to work for WWE or NWA
-Thoughts on many of the guys who woked the World Class territory including Kamala, Missing Link, Jimmy Garvin, Iceman Parsons, Missy Hyatt & John Tatum, The Simpsons, Matt Borne, Killer Kahn, & Skandar Akdar
-Thoughts on feuds with the Freebirds and Gino & Chris
-Kevin also tells some great behind the scenes stories from the road, the locker room, plus talks about some classic ribs
-All this and much more

Product Reviews

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(Unknown) 2/24/2008 8:21 AM
Kevin seems like a nice guy and I know has had a hard hard life. But if were shooting, THE TRUTH WHILE YOURE STILL ALIVE. KEvin did slip up during the interview while talking about Mike being caught with a half a joint (which probably means a couple grams of coke in VOn Erich language), he said something about Mike would be ashamed since his other brothers died of drugs (WAIT not drugs I mean). A few observations, if DAvid had Dirreah problems for weeks before the japan tour, what is the first thing a person usually does after a line, or hit (right to the bathroom). David was probably a super user and got some over the top Japan junk (I dont care what the death papers say, what does brodys death papers say). KEVIN WE ARE NOT STUPID, he tells some story about Kerry having aspirin in his pocket and his pants got wet making the aspirin turn into a white powdery substance that the police found. THINK ABOUT IT - WET ASPIRINS WOULD BE A WET WHITE SUBSTANCE IN HIS PANTS and I think Cops know coke from wet aspirins. Kevin tells how after Mikes Toxic shock thing that Mike would be all organized for weeks and then for weeks his life would be a mess and then he got in trouble for fighting a lightpost and having half a joint (Sounds like Mike was organized when clean and a mess when either doing meth or crack since that is the usually cycle of a user). I really expected more World Class stories but Kevin really didnt shed anything. RF handling Kevin with kid gloves didnt help either. FINALLY IF THE VON ERICHS WERE SO MESSED UP, how messed up was KEvin. All the stories I hear on this shoot are about how Kevin did his 3 spots shows a days for weeks on end but every where you read, he was as reliable as the others (missing spot shows and such). If youre looking for Freebird stories, Dynamic Duo stories or others, here is Kevins answers "It was great" and YES KEVIN THEY WERE GREAT AS WERE YOUR FAMILY, just give us the dirt already
Kevin Von Erich Shoot Int.
(Unknown) 8/27/2007 4:11 PM
I thought this was a very good int.He looked as thogh he didn't want to answer some of the questions.The lighting stunk and the picture was best when his head was in the way of the lamp.I also don't know what the heck was up with your tripod?I have seen better work from you guys.Don't get me wrong though,I love RFVideo.
a great buy!
(Unknown) 8/14/2008 1:26 AM
i think the subject matter on this dvd really kind of lends itself to the lighting. think about it: the drugs, the deaths ,and the pain. Kevin is a survivor! i am and always have been a huge fan of the von erichs. but yeah i agree the lighting could have been better though. in the end i will say that this dvd is well worth the money!!!! LONG LIVE THE VON ERICHS!!!!
Ninja Lo's Review
(Unknown) 9/8/2007 4:19 PM
Extrememly informative, and not surprisingly very dark. The man has been through too much, and it shows. I concur that the production value on this particular project was very very low. I still give the green light though on a purchase, as Kevin's candid stories about his history and family are all diamonds in a Texas haystack.
Kevin Von Erich Shoot Interview
stxredneck (Unknown) 10/27/2006 9:31 PM
It was an entertaining interview with lots of good stories, but it appeared as if he (Kevin) was quite incoherent at times due to him rambling from one subject straight into another subject that were totally unrelated. To be honest, I was quite shocked, as well as disappointed, in the way that Kevin was unable to recall events from the "big cards/shows" from the heyday of WCCW in which he was a direct participant on those shows & that the ones that were conducting the interview had to keep reminding him of where the match took place & the circumstances (angles) surrounding the specific matches he participated in. It was somewhat sad to see how far he has deteriorated since his day in the public eye.
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