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Marty Jannetty Shoot Interview

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Marty Jannetty has been through it all in his wrestling career both in and out of the ring. He opens up and talks about everything in this RF Video Shoot Interview. Jannetty discusses it all from his most famous angles and matches, but he really goes into details on the party scene. Jannetty and Shawn Michaels had some crazy times together and Jannetty talks about them all here!!! This is a must for any HBK fan as you'll learn all about life as his tag team partner. Jannetty covers it all from working early territories to Japan to AWA to WWE and gives insightful opinions on all these promotions. This could be the best Shoot Interview ever for road, party and prank stories!!! You'll laugh, you'll hear information you've never heard before and you'll definitely learn something with this must see Shoot Interview. Here are the topics discussed:

-How he got started in the wrestling business
-What his training was like
-Training without a ring
-Doing a gimmick similar to the Rock N Roll Express
-How Rufus R Jones helped him
-Thoughts on Harley Race
-Memories of Gyspy Joe
-Tells the story of Gypsy Joe shooting a rookie
-Thoughts on Scott Hall
-Using Scott Hall's name at hotel to get a discount on a room and then causing damage to the room
-Story of Jannetty falling asleep and Scott Hall beating him up
-His relationship with Hall after the incident
-Talks about Bob Geigel
-How he got into All Japan in 1985
-Thoughts on his first match in Japan
-The japanese style
-Story about Jannetty & Harley Race in a restaurant while a movie is being filmed
-Who he learned the most from while in Japan
-Thoughts on Giant Baba
-Talks about guys like Hansen going thru the crowd to scare the fans and what happened when he tried it
-How and where he first met Shawn Michaels
-Initial thoughts of Shawn
-How they ended up teaming together
-Story about Marty & Shawn partying with some girls at a hotel in St. Louis
-Going to AWA
-Story about being at a lounge with some girls and Bob Geigel walks in
-How Curt Hennig helped him out
-Story of Marty, Shawn, & Curt in a casino where Shawn hit the jackpot
-Who came up with the Midnight Rockers name
-How Verne Gagne reacted to crowd size dwindling
-Thoughts on Jimmy Snuka
-Story of ribbing wrestlers by locking their bags to different places
-Stories of ribbing Nick Bockwinkel
-Learning to work long matches without losing the crowd
-What Paul Heyman was like during his AWA days
-Memories of the feud with Bad Company vs. Midnight Rockers
-Thoughts on Dallas Page
-Favorite and least favorite moments from the AWA
-Story of Curt Hennig & Scott LeDoux in a heated argument
-Rib stories of people getting their heads and eyebrows shaved
-Story of what they did when getting pulled over for speeding
-Meeting that Vince has with all the wrestlers on their first day in WWE
-Hanging out after the show on their first night in WWE
-Memories of their first match in WWE
-Getting in trouble with Vince and being fired
-Going back to AWA
-Sneaking into the cemetery where Elvis was buried with the Nasty Boys
-Working for the Jarretts
-Working as heels for the first time
-Returning to the WWE and coming up with a name for the team
-Did Vince promise them anything
-Why they were not put into any angles right away
-Did Shawn change at all during their time in WWE
-Talks about the line of girls outside their hotel room
-Story of a handicap girl who liked him
-Story of Shawn & Dino Bravo in jail and Shawn getting beat up while in there
-What led to his falling out with Shawn
-Talks in details about the fight they had in a hotel room
-What happened when the police came to the hotel afterwards
-The day after the fight
-Marty contradicts some of the things Shawn Michaels said in his RF Video shoot interview including his side of what happened when they almost quit WWE and how Shawn wanted to quit but didn't
-Their relationship was after the fight
-The meeting with Vince where they officially talked about The Rockers break-up
-Who came up with the Barbershop window angle
-Getting caught with an underage girl and drugs
-What he was charged with and how it led to him disappearing from WWE for a while
-Memories of his matches with Shawn including the Royal Rumble
-Things they did different or added to make their matches better
-Why he was released and what Vince told him
-Has he been in contact with Shawn lately
-Story of the Iron Sheik ratting out other wrestlers for doing drugs
-Story of Marty asking the Sheik to take care of a girl for him and then she ended up in the hospital
-Talks about the wresting school he works at now
-Tons of incredible of party and rib stories

Product Reviews

(11 Ratings, 8 Reviews) Average Rating:
nate ellingsworth (seattle, WA) 7/21/2014 11:40 PM
This could have been a 4dvd set just so he could continue with the stories. Marty holds nothing back, gives info before he's even asked. Great impersonations and road stories. I can't say enough great things about this one. It is what a shoot should be.
My Favorite Shoot...
JM (Bronx, NY) 2/21/2013 9:35 PM
I own many many shoot interviews, but this is by far the one that I come back to the most. Marty tells great & detailed stories, and he truly deserves more credit! By the way, in case you are unaware... Marty Jannetty is the most UNDERRATED wrestler of ALL TIME!
excellent shoot interview
Kraftclub (Germany) 3/30/2012 4:34 PM
great shoot interview, I would recommend it to every wrestling fan, funny, informative, honest and just plain awesome.
He got screwed ..... a lot
(Unknown) 4/11/2008 1:51 PM
And I mean the goodway. This interview is so funny and he seemed to be honest in his answers. This is why we need a real ROCKERS shoot to get some things straight. AND DAMN I WISH YALL HAD A CURT HENNING shoot, the stories Marty has with him from the Locks, to the Nick Bockwinkles picture, to the wheelchair girl, to the phone call to VINCE to quit, to the IRON shiek stories all great stuff. I tend to believe MArty more especially since he says that since HBK is so christian now that maybe he will tell the truth on stuff as everyone knows, he does not in his shoot. THIS IS A MUST HAVE SHOOT and funny with the RF shoots, its the ones you think arent going to be very good are the best.
the rocker
ruiz_matthew (Unknown) 12/21/2006 10:46 PM
say what you want about them, but the rockers were truly ahead of their time and not only were they one of the greatest tag teams in history, but they will go down as the greatest team to never win the world tag team titles. marty deserves just as much credit as shawn gets for making that team what it was, his efforts can't go unnoticed! he truly was a great wrestler who didn't get a fair shake. this interview was highly entertaining and informative. he spills everything on vince, verne and shawn. he also confirms on what a lying, backstabbing, liberty taker shawn was, as shawn double crossed him numerous times, i guess shawn tried to get back at him for marty kicking his butt. but both marty and bret have confirmed that shawn should'nt be taken at his word. this was a greta interview.
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