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Skandor Akbar Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO sat down with one of the biggest heel managers of the 80's and 90's Skandor Akbar. Akbar has worked all over the place from Mid South, Texas, Global and other promotions over seas. A
kbar talks about working for promoters like Bill Watts, Frtiz Von Erich and Vince Sr. How did the Arab community feel about his gimmick? How far did fans go to try to hurt him? What did Akbar do to keep his gimmick believable at all times? Why didn't he ever go to WWF or WCW? What was the business like in the territory days? You'll learn about it all from booking to managing as Akbar shares wrestling history. He also talks about Danny Hodge, Ox Baker, Junkyard Dog, Kamala, Missing Link, Hacksaw Duggan, Ted Dibiase, Andre The Giant, Bruiser Brody, Bradshaw and many more!!!
  • How did you get into weightlifting
  • What kind of an influence did your uncles have on your career
  • Did you ever think of competing in weightlifting or body building
  • How old were you when you first started wrestling
  • what did you like about it
  • How did you meet Lou Thesz
  • What was the training like
  • How real did Lou take wrestling
  • Do you think he ever took it too seriously
  • Thoughts on Al Haft
  • Thoughts on Jim Barnett
  • Memories of wrestling in Australia
  • Initial memories of Danny Hodge
  • Was he as good as they say
  • Memories teaming with Danny
  • Did you ever feel overwhelmed
  • Initial memories of Fritz Von Erich
  • How did you come up with Skandor Akbar and what does it mean
  • How did wrestling change with the cultural change in American society in the late 60s and early 70s
  • What are your thoughts on WWE did last year with Mohammed Hussan
  • What was the party and groupie scene like in the 70s
  • Did you ever meet any celebrities that came to watch
  • Were you ever considered to be world champ with your background and training by Lou
  • Memories of the Georgia territory
  • Thoughts on Ox Baker
  • What was the craziest country you ever wrestled in
  • Thoughts on Dusty Rhodes
  • Thoughts on Sam Muchnik
  • Thoughts on the Sheik
  • Why did you go from wrestling to managing
  • Was it harder than you thought
  • Could you make a good living managing on the territories
  • Thoughts on the Funks
  • Good rib stories
  • Good road stories
  • What did you like most about the Texas territories
  • Who were your favorite guys you liked to manage and why
  • Least favorite
  • Did any of your guys ever get carried away and really start believing you were his manager outside of the ring
  • Memories of working against Danny Hodge
  • Can you talk about wearing a bulletproof vest
  • Initial memories of Bill Watts
  • Do you think Bill can book in todays climate
  • Did you ever have any disagreements with Bill
  • Thoughts on JYD
  • Thoughts on Ernie Ladd
  • Thoughts on Magnum TA
  • Do you think he could have been thee man if he didn't have the accident
  • Thoughts on Hacksaw Duggan
  • Thoughts on Andre
  • Do you remember Hogan coming into Mid South and having probs with Andre on a superdome show
  • What was it like to travel with these guys...who were your fav travel partners
  • Is there someone you saw that you thought would make it and didn't
  • Is there someone you thought would never make it that did
  • Memories of the Von Erichs
  • How out of control were they
  • Did anyone ever talk to Fritz
  • Memories of Chris Adams
  • Memories managing Kevin Von Erich
  • What were the differences between working in World Class and working in Mid South
  • When you returned to Mid South and it turned into UWF, did you think Bill would make it nationally?
  • How did Bill change with the pressure
  • Did you ever have any talks with Vince over the years about managing
  • Thoughts on the Freebirds
  • Thoughts on the Missing Link
  • Thoughts on Leroy Brown
  • Thoughts on Missy Hyatt
  • Memories of Bruiser Brody
  • Thoughts on his and Davids death
  • Memories working with Billy Robinson
  • Thoughts on Abdullah the Butcher
  • A lot of fans still talk about when you used the fireball, can you talk about it
  • Thoughts on Gary Hart
  • Were there ever any rivalries among managers for spots
  • Thoughts on Verne Gagne
  • Thoughts on Kimala
  • Thoughts on Ted Dibiase
  • Thoughts on Steve Williams
  • What do you remember about the sale of UWF to Crockett
  • Do you think that they missed the boat on an inter-promotional feud
  • Dusty said in an interview that due to logistics that he never could do a feud, do you believe that
  • How different was Texas when you came back in 89
  • How did Fritz changed
  • Why do you think World Class went out of business
  • What were Mick Foley and Percy Pringle like at that time
  • Thoughts on Eric Embry
  • What were some crazy things fans tried to do to you during the oil embargo era
  • Were you involved with texas all start wrestling
  • Thoughts on Butch Reed
  • Are you surprised by guys like Terry Funk and Flair who have been around this long
  • Thoughts on the lack of kayfabe today in wrestling
  • Why do you think Global failed
  • Memories of Global
  • Thoughts on Raven
  • A lot of guys have said in interviews they thought Gary Young would become bigger than he ever did, your thoughts on him
  • Is booking a thankless job
  • Advice for young guys
  • Can the business turn itself around
  • Thoughts on newsletters and the internet
  • Do you think male managers can still get over
  • What do you miss most and least about being full time in the business
  • As a former powerlifter do you think that the business today places too much of an emphasis on size and look rather than ability
  • Why do you think the business is in a decline?
  • What are you doing today?
  • Have you ever refused to do a job and why
  • Regrets
  • Would you ever write a book
  • Could the wrestlers from your era get over today
  • Do you think the business will ever boom like it did years ago?
  • Does it bother you at times when Vince brings back legends and makes fools out of them
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