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The Wild Samoans Shoot Interview

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From the High Chief Peter Maivia to the Wild Samoans to the Samoan Swat Team to Yokozuna to the Rock to Rosey and Umaga. The Anoa'i family has been well represented in the world of professional wrestling. At one time pro wrestling was viewed as a punishment to a member of the family. But after the success of several family members pro wrestling has become a family tradition.

Afa and Sika share their memories of breaking into the business with the legendary High Chief Peter Maivia. Not to mention the stories of Afa and Sika getting too caught up in the action as fans in San Fransisco.

Also, Afa explains why his family has been such a large part of the WWF/WWE history. So, check out and learn about not just a major part of wrestling history, but family history.
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