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Van Hammer Shoot Interview

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  • How did you first discover pro wrestling and what led to you training to wrestle?
  • Who came up with the Van Hammer gimmick?
  • How did you get hired by WCW so early in your career?
  • Memories of your debut against Terry Taylor on the Clash of Champions?
  • Thoughts on Kip Frye?
  • What was your opinion of the "Best Match" bonus he gave to wrestlers for big events?
  • Memories of Dusty Rhodes as booker?
  • Your feelings when Bill Watts replaced Kip Frye and were you familiar at all with Watts prior to WCW?
  • Watts was known as being very hard on the boys - did you ever experience that firsthand?
  • Were you surprised when WCW fired Watts?
  • Memories of the Falls Count Anywhere match against Cactus Jack in WCW?
  • Did you ever suspect Mick Foley would end up the huge star that he eventually became?
  • Thoughts on Foley's books, if you've read them.
  • Memories of the arm wrestling feud with Vinnie Vegas and did you ever think Kevin Nash would go on to become a star of his magnitude?
  • After leaving WCW, you never really popped up anywhere else on the national scene - did you attempt to get a WWF/E or ECW deal?
  • Why is it you haven't tried to work the indy scene?
  • What led to your WCW return in the late 1990s?
  • You were obviously familiar with Raven from his run as Scotty Flamingo in the early 1990s in WCW.  How had he changed over the years?
  • Memories of The Flock, positive or negative?
  • Initial thoughts on Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara?
  • Memories of the Misfits in Action gimmick?
  • Is it true you argued against the Private Stash nickname in WCW because you wanted a higher military rank?
  • Do you think it was a mistake to turn Booker T into GI Bro?
  • Why did you pretty much opt to retire at that point?
  • You helped train Mark and Jay Briscoe when they were first breaking into the business - thoughts on their work and their success?
  • Could you see they were going to be stars when they first started training?
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