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Women of ECW

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Behind every great man in ECW was an extreme women.  These hardcore women finally have their own 7 disc set. 

Disc 1: Beulah

Stevie brings out Beulah (Debut)

Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer - Beulah interfers

Raven, Stevie & Beulah Interview

Dreamer Piledrives Beulah for the First Time

Beulah McGuilicuty vs. Luna 

Beulah Promo

Beulah vs. Francine - Cat Fight

Beulah's Box Promo

Beulah's Box w/ Steve Austin

Beulah's Box LIVE w/ Todd Gordon

Beulah & Stevie Richards Interview (Beulah announces she is pregnant)

Beulah & Tommy at the Hotel

Beulah gets put in a Full Nelson by Shane Douglas

Preview of the Mixed Tag Match

Beulah "I'd Die for you" Video

Tommy Dreamer & Beulah vs. Shane Douglas & Francine (12/7/96)

Fan Cam: Tommy Dreamer & Beulah vs. Shane Douglas & Francine (Middletown, NY 12/20/96)

Fan Cam: Tommy Dreamer & Beulah vs. Shane Douglas & Francine (Staten Island, NY 12/21/96)

Fan Cam: Tommy Dreamer & Beulah vs. Shane Douglas & Francine (Downingtown, PA 12/27/96)

Fan Cam: Tommy Dreamer & Beulah vs. Shane Douglas & Francine (Allentown, PA 12/28/96)

Beulah vs. Bill Alfonso (As Good As It Gets, 9/20/97)

Dudleys Break Beulah's Neck (Summer 98)

Disc 2: Francine

Francine kisses Stevie & Catfight with Beulah 

Raven & Stevie Richards vs. Don E. Allen & Broad Street Bully (Francine in the front row)

Catfight with Francine & Beulah

Raven, Stevie & Beulah Interview (Francine's Official Debut)

Catfight with Francine & Beulah

Fan Cam: Francine & The Pitbulls vs. Beulah, Raven & Stevie Richards (Jim Thorpe, PA 9/15/95)

Catfight with Francine & Beulah

Pitbulls vs. Raven & Richards (Francine TV Debut with Pitbulls)

Francine Takes Total Elimination

Francine & Stevie Interview - Stevie Superkicks her

Francine gets payback on the Elimantors

Higlights of Francine & Pitbulls vs. Eliminators & Stevie Richards (Dog Collar Match)

Fan Cam: Francine Takes Total Elimination Again (Jim Thorpe, PA 4/26/96)

Fan Cam: Francine & Pitbulls vs. Eliminators & Stevie Richards (Delaware, 4/27/96)

Francine gets a belly suplex from Shane Douglas

Shane kisses Francine & gets knocked out by Pitbull #2

Francine turns on the Pitbulls

Francine & Franchise on a Beach

Francine & Franchise by the pool

Fan Cam: Francine & Franchise vs. Beulah & Tommy Dreamer (Scranton, PA 1/18/97)

Fan Cam: Francine & Franchise vs. Beulah & Tommy Dreamer (West Liberty, WV 5/25/97)

Francine gets Extreme (House Party, 99)

Francine gets caned in the face

Francine Catfights with Jasmine St. Claire

Francine Promo on the Beach

Francine & Tammy Lynn Bytch Catfight (Hardcore Heaven, 99)

Francine & Dawn Marie Feud Recap

Francine & Dawn Marie Catfight

Francine DDTs Tammy

Francine & Dawn Marie Catfight

Francine Breaks up with Tommy Dreamer

Francine help Justin Credible win the ECW Title

Francine Interview

Francine Interview with Raven

Francine, Justin, Corino & Victory Promo

Francine, Justin, Corino & Victory Promo

Disc 3: Kimona and Missy Hyatt

Kimona Debut

Tommy & Beulah Interview

Kimona Topless for Raven Promo

Raven w/ Kimona Promo

Raven w/ Kimona Promo

Kimona saves Beulah

Raven dumps Kimona

Pulp Fiction w/ Kimona, Shane Douglas & Raven

Love Triangle Recap Video

Lesbian Angle (Hostile CIty Showdown, 96)

Tommy, Beulah & Kimona Promo

Fan Cam: Tommy, Beulah & Kimona Entrance - 4/26/96

Kimona Strips

Missy Hyatt

Missy Hyatt kisses Stevie Richards

Stevie Richards sues Missy Hyatt for Sexual Haressment

Missy Joins up with Sandman

Missy Hyatt & Sandman Promo

Missy Hyatt & Sandman Cyberslam 96 Intro

Missy Hyatt & Sandman Pulp Fiction Promo

Missy Hyatt & Sandman Pulp Fiction Promo

Fan Cam: Missy Hyatt & Lady Alexandria catfight (4/19/96)

Fan Cam: Missy Hyatt meets Fred the Elephant Boy from Howard Stern (Reading, PA 4/29/96)

Fan Cam: Sandman w/ Missy Hyatt vs. Taz w. Bill Alfonso - Missy & Bill catfight (5/5/96)

Missy Breaks up a cat fight with a cane

Missy Hyatt & Sandman Post Match Celebration & Cat Fight with Francine

Missy Hyatt & Sandman Pulp Fiction Promo

Stevie Richards serves Missy Hyatt with Papers

Sandman w/ Missy Hyatt vs. Stevie Richards

Fan Cam: Sandman w/ Missy Hyatt vs. Bluedust (Deer Park,NY 6/30/96)

Fan Cam: Sandman w/ Missy Hyatt vs. Raven w/ Peaches (Missy & Peaches get into it)

Missy Hyatt & Sandman Break up

Missy Hyatt in the Locker Room (Guilty as Charged 2001)

Disc 4: Tammy Lynn Sytch

Rob Van Dam grabs Tammy's Ass

Tammy & Chris Candido Run out to stop Bam Bam from wrestling Shane

Tammy & Triple Threat cause Bam Bam to lose to RVD

Triple Threat w/ Tammy Interview (Cyberslam, 98)

Tammy Lynn Sytch & Lance Storm vs. Shane Douglas & Chris Candido (Living Dangerously, 98)

Tammy Promo after Wrestlepalooza 98 

Finish of Chris Candido vs. Lance Storm - Tammy gets her dress ripped off (Heatwave, 98)

Highlights of Tammy at Heatwave 98 & a announcement of her ECW Status

Tammy Lynn Sytch Promo

Chris Candido w/ Tammy vs. Lance Strom

Chris Candido w/ Tammy vs. Lance Strom w/ Tammy Lynn Bytch (Tammy Official "Legal" Debut in the ECW Arena)

Jerry Lynn vs. Lance Storm w/ Tammy Lynn Bytch - Special Guest Referee: Tammy Lynn Sytch & Mikey Whipwreck (November to Remember, 98)

Tammy on the beach Promos

Tammy & Chris Interview

Triple Threat Breaks up House Party 99

Tammy & Chris jump Francine & Shane

Tammy & Chris Entrence at Cyberslamm 99

Tammy Lynn Sytch Shoot Interview on TNN

Tammy Lynn Sytch, Chris Candido, Lance Storm & Dawn Marie Brawl

Tammy seduces Rhino

Tammy, Chris & Rhino Brawl with Impact Players & Dawn Marie

Tammy & Dawn Marie Catfight

Disc 5: Dawn Marie

Lance Storm introduces Tammy Lynn Bytch

Lance Strom & Tammy Lynn Bytch Promo

Lance Storm ring announces mixed tag team match

Fan Cam: Tammy Lynn Bytch & Lance Storm vs. Tammy Lynn Stych & Chris Candido (Marietta, GA 10/4/98)

Catfight with Tammy Lynn Bytch & Tammy

Fan Cam: Tammy Lynn Bytch & Lance Storm vs. Tammy Lynn Stych & Chris Candido (Pittsburgh, PA 10/23/98)

Pulp Fiction Promo w/ Lance & Tammy Lynn Bytch

Lance Storm introduces Tammy Lynn Bytch as Beulah McGillicuty

Fan Cam: Dawn Marie, Justin Credible & Lance Storm vs. Francine, Jerry Lynn & Tommy Dreamer (Coca, Fl 5/1/99)

Dawn Marie & Francine Swimsuit Competition

Fan Cam: Dawn Marie & Steve Corino vs. Francine & Tommy Dreamer (Duluth, GA 8/19/99)

Dawn Marie & Tammy Lynn Sytch Feud Video

Dawn Marie paddles Tammy Lynn Sytch

Dawn Marie catfights with Francine

Dawn Marie Video

Dawn Marie Video

Dawn Marie Opens the Show

Dawn Marie & Prodigette - Catfight

Dawn Marie & Joel Gertner Promo

Dawn Marie Promo

Disc 6: Jazz, Miss Congeniality (Amy Dumas), and Angelica

Justin Credible turns on Chasity & Jazz Debuts

Jazz vs. Jason (Heatwave, 99)

Jazz vs. Steve Corino

Fan Cam: Jazz vs. Steve Corino (Dalton, GA 8/21/99)

Fan Cam: Jazz, Nova & Chris Chetti vs. Angelica, Doring & Roadkill (Orlando, FL 9/5/99)

Jazz & Nova vs. Doring & Roadkill w/Angelica

Jazz vs. Jason

Jazz attacks Miss Congeniality

Jazz vs. Simon Diamond

Jazz vs. Simon Diamond

Jazz gets speared by Rhino

Jazz & Electra Catfight

Jazz Interview gets attacked by Justin & Francine

Jazz Jumps Francine

Jazz & Tommy Dreamer vs. Francine & Justin Credible

Jazz Promo

Fan Cam: Jazz vs. Riptide (Huntington, WV 8/4/00)

Jazz vs. Prodigette (JIP)

Miss Congeniality

Angelica gets put thru a table by Sabu

Angelica, Doring & Roadkill Promo

Miss Congeniality, Doring & Roadkill vs. Jazz, Nova & Chris Chetti

Miss Congeniality catfights with Francine

Jerry Lynn walks in on Miss Congeniality

Miss Congeniality gets dumped by Doring & Roadkill

Disc 7: Woman Plus Bonus

Miss Peaches & Terrible Tigra Promos

Miss Peaches vs. Terrible Tigra Catfight Humiliation Match (Summer Sizzler, 93)

Sherri Martel makes her ECW Debut

Intergender Battle Royal Interviews

Sherri Martel & Sal Bellomo Interview

Intergender Battle Royal (Ultra Clash, 93)

Swimwear Preview Video

SWimwear Showdown clips

Malia Hosaka vs. Molly Shane (Very Rare ECW Ladies Match)

Sherri Martel & Madusa "Shoot" Angle

Angel Interview & Sherri Video

Sherri Martel & Public Enemy Interview

Woman leaves Kevin Sullivan for Sandman

Woman & Sandman Recap Video

Shane Douglas turns on Sherri Martel

Woman breaks up with Sandman

Woman trys to get Sandman back

Stevie Richards introduces Raven to Divine Brown

Divine Brown Pulp Fiction Promos

Jenna Jameson Promo

Nicole Bass Debut

Jenna Jameson at Living Dangerously, 98

Jenna Jameson Interviews Paul E.

Jenna Jameson Head Promo

Electra, Doring & Roadkill Promo

Electra, Doring & Francine Promo in the shower

Spike's Girlfriend gets her teeth knocked out

Electra Interview & She does a lap dance for Jim MitchellGeorgous George dances for Jim Mitchell & MikeyGeorgous George & Francine CatfightJasmine St. Claire & Blue Boy Debut in ECWElectra Dancing on a Bar in NYC

Product Reviews

(3 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
Great BUT missing some catfights and matches
ECW FAN (Los Angeles Ca) 10/28/2014 4:03 AM
Great video of all my favorite ECW females. The classic Beulah vs Francine catfight in the front row isn't on here. Catfights that should have been added are Missy Hyatt vs Kimona, Missy Hyatt vs Lady Alexandra, Missy Hyatt vs Lori- the spot where her ponytail got knocked off, Miss Patricia vs Beulah in Japan, Francine figure fours Steve Corino, Francine pedigrees Corino, Francine vs Corino at Heatwave 99, Beulah vs Chastity, Beulah w/ a cookie sheet vs Nicole Bass, Francine takes out Fonzie with a chair,Beulah vs Francine at ringside, Beulah hits Francine with cookie sheet, Beulah calls out Lori and ddt's Blue Meanine, Beulah vs Chastity during Tommy and Ravens last match at wrestlepallooza 97. Francine and Justin jumped Jazz on Tnn is said to be on this DVD but isn't. Overall i give it 10 stars, it's great if u were an ECW fan. Hopefully we will see a volume 2 with spots such as Woman caining Lori and all the other spots i mentioned and failed to mention. THANKS RF VIDEO! Give us a volume 2 of the ECW Women.
Robby Z (Philly) 3/1/2013 2:04 PM
The Women of ECW were just as extreme as the wrestlers. This box set offers plenty of classic moments...matches ...and hardcore action !! Nothing more entertaining then Joey Styles screaming CATFIGHT!!! CATFIGHT!!!!
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