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World Class Reunion Q&A- 3/15/08

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*Note this was Gary Hart's last video appearance before passing away on 3/16/08.
Gary Hart  
Getting started in World Class.
Becoming booker.
Insight into being a booker.
Coming up with the VonErich/Freebird feud and Michael taking too much credit.
Fritz pushings his boys.
Getting choked up over Gino Hernandez.
Kabuki/Valiant feud.
Leaving as booker.
Heat with Ken Mantell.
Missed picking a good talent.
Dusty Florida face turn.
Skandor Akbar 
The forming of Devastation Inc.
Favorite member of Devastation Inc.
Death Threats
Wild Bill Irwin 
Who booked his World Class run as was it enough.
David's death cover up.
Brother Scott's death.
Favorite and least favorite opponnets.
Scott Hall not liking him.
Buck Zumoff gimmick.
All Three 
Dingo Warrior.
Missing Link.
Deaths: David, Kerry, Mike, Chris, Brody and Adams
Thoughts on the WWE's Triumph and Tragedy DVD and Hayes taking to much credit.
Downfall of World Class:  Lance VonErich, Black Bart as champ, Fritz heart attack and bad angles
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