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Wrestle Pro 4/30/16 Rahway, NJ

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1. Brian Myers vs. Mario Bokara
2. Shane Strickland vs. John Silver vs. Dan Maff
3. Heavenly Bodies & Team Espana vs. The Blue Meanie, Honky Tonk Man & Aesthetic Males (Tag Team Elimination Match)
4. Chris Avery Queling vs. Johnny Clash
5. Cherry Bomb & Pepper Parks vs. Christina Von Eerie & CPA
6. Chris Payne vs. Fallah Bahh
7. Battle Royal
8. Taboo Crew vs. The Reynolds Brothers (Wrestle Pro Tag Team Championship)
9. Kevin Matthews vs. Bobby Wayward vs. Bull James
10. Anthony Bowens vs. Matt Macintosh (WrestlePro Heavyweight Championship)
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