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Wrestling Vixxxens Revealed

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Following the success of Wrestling Vixxxens Unleashed, RF Video has been overwhelmed with your response. Everyone who has seen Missy Hyatt, Tammy Sytch, Tracii Taylor, Extacy and Rayn totally up close and naked on Wrestling Vixxxens Unleashed wants more!!! You want to see what happened behind the scenes in the Vixxxens locker room. You want to know what the girls did when they didn't think the cameras were filming. Now on Wrestling Vixxxens Revealed you will know what Tammy, Missy, Tracii, Extacy and Rayn are really like when they were not performing for the camera. See them reveal even more with all this unreleased locker room footage. Not only will you get the unreleased locker room material, but you'll get lots and lots more from the exclusive Wrestling Vixxxens Unleashed photo shoot!!! More nudity, more Tammy, more Missy and more of all the Vixxxens showing it all to you. Wrestling Vixxxens Revealed has it all from the dressing room to the sultry photo shoot. If it happened and a camera was near, you will see it on Wrestling Vixxxens Revealed!!! This video contains all never before seen footage.

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wrestling vixxxens revealed
bigfoot18603 (berwick, PA) 6/10/2012 3:25 PM
i wasn't sure what to expect from this dvd and perhaps i set my standards too high. i would have liked to known just who was who. i think i could identify tammy sytch and perhaps missy hyatt; the rest i had no clue on. this dvd showed the ladies getting ready in their dressing room and at a photo shoot. there was enough breasts, some of which were very nice, very few butt shots ( not enough for me ) and just about every lady ( 6 or 7 total) had some below the belt shots without being pornish. i think it was tammy who was very gaurded about having shots taken of herself below the belt although a few were snuck through. a humorous spot in which tammy and another lady (she was the leader) were doing a shoot together and the leader seemed a bit annoyed that tammy was being very gaurded. they had a break adjusting some clothing with tammy's legs spread but not towards the camera. the leader did a motion with her head to the movie camera guy to move around to the side and get some shots. he wasn't completely quick enough. not a bad dvd altogether, a few small changes would have improved it.
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