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This was a huge release day for RFVIDEO new titles.  Check out what we released today!!!

**Tony Atlas shoot interview

**Icw Impact Cup Tournament 10-22-10

**ICW Road to Impact 9-17-10

**ECWA Super 8 tournament 2010

**ECWA 10-16-1-

**TWA Voorhees NJ 9-25-10

**MCW Aggravated Assault 10-9-10 Joppatowne MD


Luke Gallows will be appearing at the RF Video table on December 11, 2010 at the K&S Wrestlefest convention located at the Ramada Hotel at the Philadelphia Airport (76 Industrial Hwy, Rte 291, Essington, PA 19029). For more information on the convention please visit Pricing will be as follows for Luke Gallows:One Autograph - $15One Photo Op - $15 You may pre-order now by sending a payment via PayPal to the email address

RF VIDEO has two huge shoot interviews lined up in the near future with Luke Gallows and Bruce Hart!!!!  We also are already working on new interviews for 2011!!!


RF VIDEO is hard at work on another new documentary.  Lost Treasures of Pro Wrestling Volume 2 2010.  Over the past few years the sport of professional wrestling has lost far too many of its own. Many of these superstars, beloved by fans and peers alike, passed away well before their time. To pay tribute to these fallen men and women, all of whom have given so many people enjoyment in life, RF Video is proud to present LOST TREASURES volume 2.

Check out the names that will be featured in this amazing new DVD:

Public Enemy, Steve Williams, Test, Brian Pillman, Hashimoto, Gary Hart, Lou ALbano, Killer Kawalski, Eddie Gilbert, Wahoo Mcdaniel, Pitbull Anthony, Terry Gordy and Playboy Buddy Rose……

The DVD will have tons of interviews from their peers as this is going to be one of the can't miss dvd's of the year!!!


All of these DVDs are now on sale!!!

Shoot Interview with Tony Atlas

RF VIDEO sat down with Mr USA Tony Atlas  for his first ever RF VIDEO shoot interview and it was another home run.  We talked about everything under the sun that had to do with his amazing career.   The highlights of the shoot interview included Tony talking about what he saw in the Puerto Rico locker room when Bruiser Brody was murdered.  Tony was one of the only witnesses who came forward and you will hear in gruesome details what he saw go down in the locker room shower with Bruiser Brody and Jose Gonzalez.  We now have shoots with almost everyone who was involved in this story and Tony completed the missing gap with his details. 

Tony also talks about his drug use and his well known foot fetish which cost him his job in the WWF during the 80's.  Wait until you hear how Tony missed a date and instead took a plane to CA to satisfy his fetish.  Tony talks in great details about his love for womens feet.  One of the saddest stories is when Tony talks about living life in a park during the winter and having a near death experience.  He was almost frozen to death on a park bench until a women came to his rescue with a ice pick and chipped away of him because he was a block of human ice. 

You will hear the heat between him and Rocky Johnson and what happened when Paul Orndorff got into a shoot fight with him on the side of the road and bite his ear off.  Tony has stories on all of the top names in WWF during the 80's and he talks in great details about his run in NWA and Georgia Championship Wrestling.  One of the best parts of the interview is when Tony talks about the top lessons he has learned about the wrestling business and how in wrestling you really have no friends what so ever because it is cut throat. 

From working in Georgia, WWWF,Puerto Rico, World Class, WWF and WCW Tony takes us back in time as we discuss all of his major opponents.  What really happened in OVW with him and CM Punk?  

How did you get started in wrestling

Talk about your body building and arm wrestling and power lifting

Who trained you

Who do you consider your mentor

What was training like and did you ever want to quit

Memories of first match with Bob Bruggers against art Neilson and Blue Scorpion

What are your memories of George and Sandy Scott

What are your early memories of Crocket Promotions

Did you see any racism in wrestling early on

How did you get the name Mr USA

What are your early memories in Georgia 

What was Ole Anderson like and George Scott

What are your memories of winning the tag titles with Mr Wrestling 2

What are your memories of winning tag titles with Tommy Rich

What happened in the car wreck involving Tommy Rich, Ole Anderson that landed you in the Hopspital in Delaware, Ohio ?

Dick Murdoch and Adrian Adonis

Memories of Mr Wrestling 2

Kevin sullivan

Thunderbolt Patterson

Thoughts on Abby

Did you like wrestling for Georgia Championship wrestling

What happened between you and Mr Orndorff in a backstage brawlMemories of working Wahoo McDaneil

Andersons Gene and Lars

Early memories of Dusty Rhodes

Ric Flair


Bob Orton Sr

How did you get into WWWF

Thoughts on his first match with Johnny Rodz

Memories of Vince Sr

How would u compare Vince Sr to Jr

Lou ALbano stories

Thoughts on Bob Backland

Greg Valentine

Andre the giant

Jimmy Snuka



Working Hulk Hogan at MSG

Memories of Ken Patera

Working Somoans

Memories of the TNT show where you and Orndorff did the posedown

Bundy and Studd

Ivan Putski

Lanny Poffo

Randy Savage 

Memories of working with SD Jones

Winning belts with Rocky Johnson and did they get along outside of the ring

What was the heat they had outside of the ring

Talk about your drug problem you had

Thoughts on working Harley Race

What were the Von Erichs Like

How was Fritz as a promoter

The Black Superman character

Any crazy Von Erich Stories

Drug scene like in World Class

Matt Borne

Brian Adidas

Memories of working for Mario Savoldi

Thoughts on Tony Rumble

Talk about the Bruiser Brody Murder

What did you see

What was the trip to the hospital like

Feelings on the other guys in the locker room and how did they react

Thoughts on going back to working in Puerto RIco

Thoughts on Invader

Who's idea was it for Saba Simba and why did it not get over or work

Did you think the gimmick was racist

Memories of WCW and working with Cactus Jack and Barbarian against Too Cold and Ron Simmons

Thoughts on Kevin Nash

What happened with you at Wrestlemani 13 with the Rock

Memories of the MTV show and did they like the way he was portrayed

Thoughts on working Indy shows

Memories of working back in the WWE with Mark Henry

How did that come about

What was the locker room like

Mark Henry

Thoughts on Tommy Dreamer

Colin Delany did you see talent in him

Did you like working with Hornswoggle and Fit Finlay

Thoughts on the Abraham washington show and did you have favorite moment on there

Thoughts on steroids

Being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame

Any good ring rat stories

Any good ribs

Any good road stories

Who did you like to travel with the most

Talk about your book

What is your foot fetish all about

Being eliminated by The Fridge at WM2 Battle Royal.

Several years ago, Atlas was brought down to OVW to give a talk to the guys training there. Does he remember the verbal confronation between himself and CM Punk. What are his thoughts on Punk's WWE accesion?

Being inducted by SD Jones to HOF in 2006. Was SD Jones his choice? Memories of that weekend.

Could the Bodybuilders of today crossover into wrestling like in the past? Rob Terry, Batista, etc.

Wrestling going towards smaller guys like Evan Bourne

How has WWE changed in his three runs 80s 90s 2000s?

Is it true he was scheduled for a big IC title push but was derailed because of drug issues?


ICW Impact Cup Tournament 10-22-10 Queens NY

1. Blood Ties (Joel Maximo & Ricky Reyes) vs. BLKOUT (Ruckus & Sabian)

2. Weapons of Mass Destruction (Sonjay Dutt & Davari) vs. All Money is Legal

3. Heaven & Hell (Azrieal & Grim Reefer) vs. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

4. NanaCorp (Christopher Daniels & Xavier) vs. Steve Mack & Eddie Kingston

5. Demolition vs. Pinkie Sanchez & Maximus Sex Power

6. Nigerian Nightmares vs. Team Macktion

7. Danny Demanto, Bandido Jr & Sami Callihan vs. Amazing Red, Quiet Storm & Devon Moore

8. Blood Ties vs. Weapons of Mass Destruction

9. NanaCorp vs. Heaven & Hell

10. Papdon vs. Dan Maff

11. NanaCorp vs. Blood Ties

12. Homicide vs. Too Cold Scorpio


ICW Road to Impact 9-17-10 Queens NY

1. VSK vs. Justin Toxic vs. EJ Risk vs. Joey Janella vs. Joe Etell vs. Vinnie Mack

2. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels vs. Midnight Sensations vs. Southside Playas Club

3. Maximus Sex Power vs. Necro Butcher

4. Blood Ties vs. Team Macktion

5. Sami Callihan vs. Devon Moore

6. Quiet Storm vs. Bandido

7. BLKOUT (Ruckus & Sabian) vs. Heaven & Hell (Azrieal & Grim Reefer)

8. Amazing Red vs. Danny Demanto

9. Da Hit Squad vs. Papadon, Pinkie Sanchez & Christopher Daniels

10. El Fuego vs. The Orphan 

11. Homicide vs. Balls Mahoney


ECWA Super 8 2010

1. Nick Dinsmore (U-Gene) vs. Scott Wright

2. Chris Wylde vs. Alex Reynolds

3. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Chase del Monte

4. Austin Creed vs. Brian Milonas

5. Aden Chambers & Ryan Rush & Julian Starr vs. Matt & Bryan & Nick Logan

6. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Chris Wylde

7. Austin Creed vs. U-Gene

8. Summit Battle Royal

9. Austin Creed vs. Tommaso Ciampa


ECWA 10-16-10 Newark DE

1. Chris Wylde vs. Aden Chambers

2. Corey Blaze vs. JJ Crew Guy 

3. Travis Blake vs. Cono Cappuccia

4. ECWA Tag Team Titles: The Best Around vs.  Matt Logan & Chase Del Monte  vs.  Sean Royal & Dan Eckos

5. MEGA  vs.  Glen Osbourne 

6. ECWA Title: Andrew Ryker  vs.  Bazooka Joe

7. Shane "Hurricane" Helms, The Blue Meanie, Kid America, SHOCKWAVE the Robot & Courageous Cruz  vs. Mr. Ooh La La, Nicky Benz, CUJO the Hellhound, Mr. Scott Wright & Jason Leigh


TWA 9-25-10 Voorhees NJ

1. Corey Blaze & Courageous Cruz vs. Timothy Richards Jason Leigh

2. The Blue Meanie and Kid America vs. The Berlin Bad Boys

3. Julio Dinero vs. Matt Saigon

4. Bobby Shields vs. Saber Cat

5. Shockwave The Robot vs. Mr. Ooh La La 

6. Glen Osbourne vs. Tony Stetson (Last Man Standing Match)

7. The Best Around vs. Chase Del Monte & Matt Logan

8. Breaker Morant vs. Damian Dragon


MCW Aggravated Assault 10-9-10

1. The Holy Rollers vs. Ronnie Zukko

2. Cobian vs. AJ Sabotage

3. Fed-Up vs. THC

4. Alexander James vs. Matt Wylde

5. The Hurricane & Nui Tofiga vs. The Hit Squad

6. Mickie James vs. Mia Yim vs. Melissa Coates

7. Ryan McBride vs. Teddy Stigma

8. The Hurricane, Ryan McBride, Christian York, Cobian  Carlito Colon vs. Teddy Stigma, Tyler Hilton & The Holy Rollers 



Yeah, we'd heard Waltman was a big fan of the YouShoot series.  We knew he wanted on!  So you knew he would bring it, and man, does he ever!

We can't stress enough, that these are the recollections and opinions of Waltman and not necessarily KC!  We don't know whether Jenna or Chyna had more...ehh...skills.

There's no stone unturned!  It's part comedy, part therapy.. ALL shoot!  Get ready for one of the most memorable editions of wrestling's YouShoot series!

Now on sale


In the Ring with Carlito

After a victorious evening in a 8 man tag match Carlito Colon made his way to the GILLBERG Pro Wrestling Academy for a special training seminar to help further the current training class to their quest to fulfill their dreams!   In this exclusive new DVD brought to you by RF Video you will get a lesson on  how to do things the right way according to Carlito, a second generation  superstar in his own.

In this latest edition of Inside the Ring you will get one great lesson after another.  The seminar starts off with Carlito having the students introduce themselves and tell the class what their goals are in this business.  Carlito also has each student cut a promo about themselves and critiques it to help them improve.

Calrito also has students pair up with each other in the ring so he can watch them put together a match on the fly.  After each match Carlito gives his expert opinion on what they did right, and what they did wrong so each wrestler can help improve their craft. The DVD is excellent if your looking to break into the business or you want a look on how to put a wrestling match together this new title will teach you just that.  

Carlito also tells you what the WWE is looking for and how to achieve your goals if you were given a break into the WWE!!!  If your a fan of our In the Ring series this DVD must be part of your collection.


Shoot Interview with Alicia

For the first time ever, Alicia, one of the true icons of WSU, talks about her entire career in this no-holds-barred shoot interview. Alicia has been a fixture of the northeast wrestling scene for nearly a decade and has been involved in many controversial moments. This is Alicia's forum to talk openly about everything that has happened in her career.

In this interview, Alicia talks not only in-depth about her career in WSU, but also other wrestling companies she has worked for. Hear the backstage stories. What really goes on. Find out why Alicia really left the business only to make a triumphant return. Alicia talks about her peers, who she likes, who she doesn't like and why. Alicia is never one to shy from her opinion and Alicia lets loose about everyone and every thing.

For not only fans of just Alicia, the Alicia shoot interview is a MUST-WATCH DVD for fans of womens and independent wrestling. Alicia has made stops all over the indy scene and come join Alicia for the ride in this one-of-a-kind DVD.

Here are some of the questions we asked Alicia:
Please note this is just a sample of questions based off our question sheet, but Alicia really expanded on other subjects, including the three people she hates the most in wrestling, locker room incidents, shoot fights in the ring & more

Welcome to another edition of the WSU Shoot Interview series. This time we're here with one of the true icons of WSU, former 2 time WSU World Champion Alicia. Alicia thank you for being here today. Our first question is what's been going on with you lately and how do you think you've done in your return to wrestling?

Since all interviews start this way, our next question is, were you always a fan of pro wrestling growing up and when did you decide that you wanted to try it?

How did you get into pro wrestling?

You started at Kevin Knight's Camp IWF at a very young age. What was it like being so young in the wrestling business? What was it like being a female in a male dominated business?

There are not many people who can say they started wrestling at the age of 14, especially females. Did you feel any pressure? Do you think you were treated any different? Do you think if you had to do it all over again, you would?

When you started, you basically did Kevin Knight IWF shows. What were those like? Did they get you ready for other shows when you eventually started doing other indies?

It seems that a lot of IWF guys leave IWF on bad terms and don't stay there after they get their basic training. Why do you think that is? 

If you had to train again, would you go to IWF or do you think you would've tried a different school?

Is there a reason why you stopped doing IWF shows and never returned?

When you first left IWF, you started doing companies like SSCW, JCW, IHPW, etc. What was it like entering new locker rooms and seeing different people?

As a female, did you feel pressure from the male wrestlers at that time?

Up until 2003, you were a babyface "girl next door" type. It wasn't until you entered SSCW that you would have your first heel run, and perhaps discovered that you were better off as a heel than a face. Were you nervous turning heel or were you excited to try something new?

What are your memories of SSCW and promoter Carmine Sabia? 

Ironically, it would be the decision of future WSU promoter Sean McCaffrey, who was booking SSCW at the time to turn you heel. Did he have to sell you on the idea or did you know you could pull it off?

What are your thoughts on Carmine Sabia never leaving his house and his ghastly mother running shows for him?

What do you remember about your work in SSCW? What was it like winning the SSCW womens title? At that time, did you feel accomplished because you were finally recognized for your talent elsewhere of IWF?

Around this time April Hunter was dominating the northeast. What are your thoughts on her, and do you think it was hard for girls to do programs with her because she was physically bigger than everyone else at that time?

For a period of time, it would be yourself, Ariel, Jana, Alexa Thatcher, Melissa Stripes, Tara Charisma, Foxxy Dreams, Cherri Delicious, Alere Little Feather, Luscious Lily and several others doing the same NJ indy shows. What are your thoughts on those girls and did any programs or matches stick out?

What were your thoughts of Ricky O and JCW?

What were your thoughts of Pete Ferriero and IHPW?

You then started working for NWS around 2003-2004. What are your thoughts on Joe Panzarino and Gino Moore and the NWS product? Has anything changed about those guys from then to today?

You also started working for WXW. What are your thoughts on that company and Afa (pops)? 

Was it true that WXW booker Doc Daniels was booking Elite 8 tournaments based on something that wasn't wrestling related as the rumor had it? What were your thoughts about winning that tournament?

What were your thoughts about your big Unit tag team with Cindy Rogers? Do you think it could work indy-wide or was only good for WXW?

Around 2005, you were getting a lot of experience under your belt for an indy wrestler and winning several championships. Did you ever get confident or cocky?

Around this time as well, you debuted in Mike Morgan's AWA (Now known as ACE). What were your thoughts about AWA and working for Mike?

How much has AWA/ACE grown over the years? What are some of your memories from then? Was Eric Cooper really the piss police?

Are you proud to see where ACE is today on the indy scene?

Around this time, girls like Cha Cha and Crystal Synn came out of AWA. What are your thoughts on them? Do you think Cha Cha tried too hard to be like you?

You also started working for JAPW in 2005. What was it like working for them? What were your thoughts on Fat Frank? Johnny D? Ray Sager?

Do you think JAPW kind of just had you there for most of your run there, as they didn't have much for you to do outside of being Johnny D's arm candy?

Did you have a new found level of respect for Johnny D when he defended you in a battle royal at a JAPW show?

Did you ever see a conflict or disagreements between Ray Sager & Fat Frank at that time?

You started becoming a high in demand womens wrestler and started doing a bunch of other shots around the country. Do you have any memories or good stories about your time at CRUSH, Lexie Fyfe's Customs, NECW or any other place out of the northeast area?

What were your thoughts about Mercedes Martinez at this time? Was there any truth to the rumor that you thought she was too stiff?

On 10/6/06, you participated in the first ever NWS Women's J-Cup Tournament, which actually became the predecessor to WSU. What were your thoughts about that show? What are your thoughts about Alexa Thatcher winning that tournament?

As someone who left wrestling herself, what are your thoughts about Alexa Thatcher leaving wrestling with no notice? Did you like her professionally? Do you think she did business the wrong way when she left or do you think she was just burnt out?

You also competed for Shimmer. What was that like? 

WSU would be created on 3/3/07 with promoter Sean The Mic saying in interviews in 2010 that the original idea was to build the company around you. True to that vision, WSU built around you and when WSU grew your career grew as well. At that time, did you think WSU would take off and did you know that you were going to be the person WSU built around?

Your first feud in WSU was with Becky Bayless started in March and would culminate 9 months later in December of that year. What were your thoughts about your series of matches with Becky Bayless? A lot of people gave you credit for carrying Becky, would you agree with that? Do you think because you guys were both great promos, that you matched up well against each other? 

As part of the Becky feud, you would be matched up with Luna Vachon. What was it like working Luna? Do you have any memories of that wild match you two had on 5/5/07?

Do you feel that you were really coming into your own in WSU because it was the first company to really build around you and promote you as the top star? 

You would become the first ever WSU Champion on 7/14/07. What was it like winning that title? At that time, did you look at it as another indy title? Did you ever see WSU lasting as long as it has and did you ever think the WSU World Title would become one of the premier championships in womens (and indy) wrestling?

You would wrestle 5 matches on 7/14 due to then-money guy Jac Sabboth bailing out of the promotion at the last second. What are your thoughts on Jac Sabboth? Why did you wrestle so many times and was WSU something you believed in?

Something we didn't really see at this time was other belts being defended on other people's shows. When you were WSU Champion you defended the belt all over the place. Who's idea was that? Was it something you supported? Did you think it helped WSU grow and get more recognition?

In August of 2007, you and Alexa traded the title on back to back days. In hindsight, do you think it was a bad move for WSU to take the title off you when you had so much momentum, even though you won it back a day later? Or do you think it showed that "the title can always change hands, anywhere?" 

In September of 2007 you wrestled Christie Hemme and started a feud with Tammy Sytch. What was it like working with them?

You announced you were leaving wrestling in December of 2007. What led to this decision? Looking back, do you regret it, or did you need the break? How did promoters, fans and your peers take this news?

When you decided to leave, you were regularly working for JAPW and WSU. How come it was WSU and not JAPW where you decided to have your last match?

Fat Frank said some disgusting things to you at that WSU show where you retired. Did that make you feel like you made the right decision to have your last match for WSU and not JAPW? 

What are your memories of your retirement show? Did you like the match you had with Becky and what did you think of Becky's turn afterwards?

You would defeat Melissa Stripes & Alexa Thatcher in your retirement match. What were your thoughts of that match? Looking back it, do you think Stripes & Thatcher should've made more of an impact on womens wrestling? 

You lost the WSU Championship to Sunny in an impromptu match. Do you think that was the right business move for WSU or in hindsight, would've you rather dropped it to someone else cleanly?

What was the WSU locker room like when you were on top and did you ever consider yourself a locker room leader?

You left wrestling after 12/22/07, how did you feel? Did you feel like a burden was lifted off your shoulders? 

Although you were done with wrestling, you would make sporadic appearances in WSU, either to referee, do commentary or just show up to check out what was going on. Did you miss wrestling and how come you only stayed with WSU rather than going to other places?

While you were gone from wrestling, you obviously knew what was going on somewhat, as you would make these appearances. After you left, WSU seemed in limbo, with short world title reigns going to Sunny & Nikki Roxx. What are your thoughts on those two?

Eventually, WSU would find a new rock in Angel Orsini and fans would say that Angel Orsini was the best WSU Champion ever. Orsini would go on to have the longest reign, make the most title defenses and the quality of WSU went up. How did that make you feel? Did that inspire you to come back or were you happy and content with WSU's rise and Orsini's dominance?

You would come back for WSU on 3/7/09 as a special ref in the Martinez/Orsini Bullrope match, the match Martinez won to become WSU Champion. As of this interview, Martinez is still champion. What were your thoughts reffing that match and what were your thoughts on the Martinez/Orsini feud?

You eventually came back full-time for WSU on 6/6/08, as the mystery partner of Brooke Carter (Later Brittney Savage). What led up to your return?

Why did you decide to return to wrestling? How bad did WSU beg you to come back?

At this point in your career, you are basically full-time for WSU, but haven't really done much else, outside of WSU affiliated matches. Are you happy where you are in your career, or do you aspire to go to TNA, WWE, MExico or anywhere else?

The reason you left wrestling was to focus on school. Now you are in the middle of a masters program and have a full time job. Is that why your wrestling schedule is so limited?

What was it like teaming with Brooke Carter and what were your thoughts about the return? You returned with black hair as opposed to your traditional blonde. How do you think your comeback was received?

What was the locker room now like after a 18 month sabbatical? What changed? Do you think WSU was better at this point?

You & Carter would eventually lose the tag team titles to Havok & Hatred. What were your thoughts working with Havok/Hatred?

Brooke Carter would become Brittney Savage after doing a heel turn on you. Did you think Carter flipping to heel would work?

What are your thoughts on Brittney Savage & her work in WSU?

You would feud off/on with Savage for the next year, trading the WSU Spirit Championship on several occasions. What are your thoughts on your series of matches with her? Do you think she's improved from the time you first saw her? Do you think she has potential to really make a mark in the business? 

What was it like inducting Dawn Marie into the WSU HOF in 2010?

You would win the WSU J-Cup & King/Queen of the Ring Tournaments in April of 2010. Did you feel like you were "back" again? How did it feel to be in the main event scene after winning the tag titles & spirit titles?

Do you think WSU booked you right on your return or do you think you should've challenged for the World belt right away? 

What is it like being the only female, out of about 100 or so females that have competed in WSU, to win every major championship and tournament? Does it feel good to have a promotion behind you?

Going back to the tournament wins in 2010, what are your memories of those matches? Is it true Danny Demanto, who said he loves you like a sister, was upset that he couldn't team with you that weekend?

Also, in a true WSU icon vs icon match, you defeated Angel Orsini in the finals of the J-Cup. What was it like working with her?

You eventually would get a WSU World Title match on 6/26/10 against Mercedes Martinez. What are your thoughts on that match? The promoter of WSU Sean Mccaffrey, as well as fans and other wrestlers said it was the best Alicia match they've ever seen. Would you agree with that? What was the locker room reaction to that match? How did Martinez like that match?

What are your thoughts on Mercedes Martinez and how Martinez is the new face of WSU? 

Do you agree when people consider Martinez the best womens wrestler in the world today?

What are your thoughts and how has it been interacting with these people in WSU:




Cosmo Club

Alere Little Feather

Rick Cataldo

Nikki Roxx


Jessicka Havok

Amy Lee

Molly Holly


Dawn Marie


Becky Bayless

WSU prides themselves on combining TV names, with women in their primes with rookies. DO you think that formula is working? Is there any rookies you'd like to work with?

What is your relationship with the office/promoters of WSU? Do they do anything different than other indies? 

Where do you see yourself going with WSU and in wrestling? Do you think you will ever be in WWE or TNA, or are you happy trying to make a real life with a solid college background?

You've seen WSU grow from day one. Would you consider WSU your home promotion? How come you feel a loyalty to WSU where you don't with other places? 

What is the WSU locker room like today? 

Do you think there are too many people trying to do womens wrestling today when they don't know what they are doing with it?

A lot of people compare Shimmer & WSU. The consensus is that WSU has better angles/characters/storylines & runs more often, where Shimmer's undercard has stronger workers and doesn't run as much. Would you agree with that and what do you think about the two companies?

What are your thoughts on the current state of womens wrestling today?

What are your thoughts on that garbage known as Wrestlicious?

What are your thoughts on Shimmer today?

What are your thoughts on the putrid NXT program? Do you have any memories of Miss April now AJ?

What are your thoughts on the way TNA has killed their Knockout division?

What are your thoughts on the way WWE has killed off their womens title?

Is there anyone you would like to work that you haven't?

When people remember your career, what do you most want to be known by?

What are some things that you think can help to expand womens wrestling?

Do you have any messages for your fans or anyone watching this?

Is there anything you'd like to mention that we haven't talked about?

And many more!


Best of Alicia in WSU

If there was no Alicia, there would be no WSU. In this special DVD release, we recap all of Alicia's biggest moments in WSU. This DVD includes all of Alicia's major championship wins & tournament wins. This also has her favorite matches such as her matches with Luna Vachon and Mercedes Martinez. This is for the true womens wrestling fan. 

1. Luna Vachon vs Alicia 5/5/07 

2. To Crown The First Ever WSU Champion: Alicia vs Luna Vachon vs Amy Lee vs Nikki Roxx 7/14/07

3. WSU World Title Match Last Woman Standing: (c) Alicia vs Becky Bayless 12/22/07

4. WSU World Title Match: Alicia vs Sunny 12/22/07 

5. For the WSU Tag Team Titles Alicia's Return to Wrestling: (c) Brittney Savage & Alicia vs Havok/Hatred 6/6/09

6. For the WSU Spirit Championship: (c) Brittney Savage vs Alicia 12/12/09 

7. 2010 J-Cup Tournament Finals: Alicia vs Angel Orsini 4/2/10

8. For the WSU World Title: (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Alicia 6/26/10

9. For the WSU Spirit Title: (c) Brittney Savage vs Alicia vs Brittany Force 8/6/10

10. Alicia vs Candy Cartwright 10/23/10


PWS Connecticut Carnage 8-22-10 Fairfield CT

1. Sabre Cat vs. Justin Corino vs. Wes Draven

2. Danny Demanto & Amazing Red with Velvet Sky vs. Joel Maximo & Rich Swann

3. Sami Callihan & Dan Maff vs. Bandido Jr & Adam Cole

4. Necro Butcher & Devon Moore vs. The Best Around

5. Danny Demanto with Velvet Sky vs. The Amazing Red

6. Sami Callihan vs. Dan Maff

7. Devon Moore vs. Necro Butcher

8. Fala, Timmy Aiight & Joey Ayyo with Rocksha vs. Kenny Doane & Da Hoodz 

9. Nick Gage destorys everyone

10. Sami Callihan vs. Danny Demanto vs. Devon Moore


Did you watch your copy of our Kevin Nash/Xpac shoot?  We want you to review the DVD so we can post your reviews right here on the site. Email us your thoughts on this amazing shoot interview to us at

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Well the night is finally here, we are ready to unleash the most anticipated shoot interview in the history of RF VIDEO.   Face Off Volume 12  Nash and Waltman "Friends 4 Life"!!!!  I can't sit here any even try to begin how to explain how open this interview is.  I swear to you that you would have thought I was part of their clique in how open they were with us.  This interview is our best interview of all time and I don' t know who will come along and give us a stronger shoot than these two guys.  

This interview will make shoot interview history and I can assure you will be the most talked about shoot we have ever conducted!!!!

Over the years RF VIDEO has done hundreds of shoot style interviews with everyone in the business.  Well on 9-11-10 we raised the bar as we conducted the most emotional and what will go down as the most controversial interview of all time in the history  of the business.  Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman gave RF VIDEO the greatest interview of all time and that is a shoot!  In the past we have hyped up our interviews but this interview was unlike anything we have ever shot before.  I really don't know where to even begin at but the mood for this interview was intense.  

We have captured some emotional moments before on video but last nights will over ride anything we have ever shot.   You will see another side of Kevin and Sean as they discuss in great detail what happened when Sean tried to take his own life in Mexico.  Both men break down and you can feel the bond between them as Kevin and Sean go into great detail of what happened on that horrific weekend.  The tears are flowing in the room even by Ryan Shamrock who made a very special appearance on the shoot.  Kevin and Sean both broke down as they recounted in great detail on how Kevin saved Seans life.  This story in itself makes the entire DVD on its own but there was so much other information that is going to really wake up the wrestling world when it comes to drugs and all of the recent deaths as we really talked harsh about the recent events of people passing away.  Kevin and Sean speak out for the first time ever and give their most humble and honest opinions on all of these matters especially when it comes to blaming anyone in the business for these passings.   

Both men share some of the most inside stories when it comes to doing drugs in the business.  I was shocked to hear some of them as I never thought they would be this honest but RF VIDEO was able to get them to open up so we could really educate the fans and other wresters on these matters.  You will hear from Kevin how at times he is even surprised that they are even alive themselves.  They take you inside the antics of the clique and how they used to party.  We discuss Scott Hall as well and how he is doing these days. You will never get a chance to ever hear these stories anywhere else. 

We talked all about the current events in the wrestling business today especially what really went down when he posted his latest rant against TNA on his twitter account.  Kevin and Sean talk all about the backstage politics of TNA.  What do they think needs to be done to get the company on the right track?  What do they think of the Hulkster and Bischoff connection in TNA. His most recent comments on RVD and Jeff Hardy.  Do they like working for Dixie Carter?  Who in TNA has the it factor?  They were just a few of the topics that we talked about when it came to TNA.  Trust me when I say this, you have never ever seen a interview like this one. 

What happened backstage with the Rock and Kevin Nash when Kevin returned to the WWE.  This story was awesome in itself.  Kevin gave his brutal comments on ECW and what he thinks of Paul Heyman.    What do both men think of Bret Hart being back in the WWE and what did they think about his angle with HBK.  What do they think about the NXT angle and the current headliners in the WWE?  Was Vince working all the boys after Bret Hart punched him?  Was there real heat with Savio Vega and the Undertakers clique?  Should Ric Flair still be in the ring today and what happened in WCW behind the scenes with Flair and Nash and Piper. 

There are tons of backstage stories on WWE, WCW and TNA as well.  The stories are non stop from the moment we started to film until the climax.  We promise you that this DVD will have you talking to all of your friends about it.  We expect this interview to get talked about for years to come.

I can sit here and list all of the topics but to be honest there is no need to.  The stories that you get during this interview were really amazing.  If you love hearing about behind the scenes stuff that you know you would never have the chance to hear about then this DVD will be a must.  

This DVD really needs no more hype….as this was our greatest work of all time and our special sneak previews will show you just how special it was for us to be apart of….

Here are a few topics that we touched on too:

Read anything good on Twitter lately

So what inspired you twitter post

Did you technically quit on Twitter or had you and TNA already agreed to part ways

Why do you think you were accused of going into business for yourself in September

How do you guys feel about Twitter

Why do you guys think that ratings and ppv numbers have gone down since Hogan and Bischoff got involved with TNA

Which young guys in the WWE do you think can be superstars either now or down the line

Why do you think ppv is declining overall for pro wrestling

Thoughts on Vince Russo

Dixie gets criticized a lot on the Internet, do you think that some people are too hard or is it well deserved

Does she get it

Who do you think is stealing her money in TNA

You guys were both critical of Ric Flair in WCW, he is still wrestling well in his 50s. What are your thoughts on Ric now?

Could an NWO like angle work today

Thoughts on when people compared the Nexus angle to the NWO

Thoughts on the recent news of a startup company in Florida

What do you think is missing from wrestling today

The NWO were “cool” and appealed to teenagers. Do you think anything in wrestling appeals to teenagers today?

How is Scott Hall doing?

Thoughts on Bret Hart coming back to the WWE

Thoughts on Bret and Shawn patching things up in the ring

Do you think Shawn will ever come back

Kevin, what is missing from today’s big men in wrestling that doesn’t make them stand out like you did.

What do you guys think about all of the ECW revivals

Thoughts on all of the rumors about Paul Heyman coming to TNA

Do you think he could turn it around

Paul said in an interview that anyone over 40 would be in trouble if he came to TNA. Thoughts?

Is there anyone in particular you guys like to watch today?

Thoughts on Linda’s campaign and all of the bad press she is getting for wrestler deaths

Thoughts on all of the wrestler deaths

Which ones hit you guys the hardest

Do you believe the rumors about Randy Savage and Stephanie McMahon

Have either of you guys ever been in a shoot in the middle of a match

What would you guys do if you were booking TNA

What would you guys do if you were booking WWE

TWho is the biggest mark for him or herself in wrestling


Randy Orton

Kofi Kingston

JThoughts on Jim Cornette threatening Vince Russo and how that went down

Should there be drug testing in wrestling



- A match pitting Curt Hawkins against Trent Barreta was taped last night in Jacksonville for this week's episode of WWE Superstars. Matches taped Monday in Orlando, Florida were Mark Henry vs. The Usos in a Handicap Match and Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Zack Ryder & Primo. 

-- Among those hugged by John Cena following the result of the WWE Championship Match at the Survivor Series was Michael Cole, which appears peculiar given the Raw announcer's heelish persona. The two are close behind the scenes and was done to add realism to the storyline of Cena being fired from WWE. 

-- John Cena's wife Elizabeth was seated in the front row at Monday's Raw in Orlando, Florida. 

"Superstar" Billy Graham, 67, is suffering from Third stage liver disease. A new drug developed in Wales that the Indiana University School of Medicine has picked up on has stopped Hepatitis C—which has caused Graham's liver issues—in the majority of cases. However, it is not expected to be approved by the FDA until November 2011. The WWE Hall of Famer has already made arrangements for a cemetery plot in Phoenix, Arizona which would be very close to that of Eddie Guerrero's, a former friend of his.

Randy Orton was asked by a fan on Twitter how bad was he hurt after Monday's RAW and the attack from Nexus. Orton replied with the following, likely keeping with the storyline: 

"my kneecap was partially displaced after the kick from husky. It should be fine after the swellings down. Can barley bend it." 

- As noted before, WWE is planning to do away with Jack Swagger's eagle mascot. WWE's plans for the character will be made clear on this Friday's SmackDown. 

John Cena, Randy Orton and Wade Barrett are featured on the cover of the 2010 WWE Survivor Series DVD. 

- WWE Diva Beth Phoenix turns 30 years old today. Beth made her return to SmackDown at last night's tapings that will air this Friday night. 

- Bret Hart's contract with WWE has expired, which is why he's been used at some live events and other appearances but hasn't been used on TV. 

The feeling is that if WWE has something big for Bret to do, they will sign him to another short-term contract. Bret and WWE remain on good terms. 

It is said that Alex Riley's on-air association with The Miz saved him from being let go following his arrest for driving under the influence last Wednesday in Tampa, Florida. He was said to be pretty nervous for several days, however. WWE did not officially announce any punishment and he worked the Survivor Series pay-per-view and Monday's Raw

The following is a new tweet from the official Twitter page of WWE's Joey Styles: 

"Are you fans sorry that my WWE contract expires this Friday? Goodnight and Happy Thanksgiving."

 Roddy Piper and his Piper's Pit segment have been added to WWE's return to Madison Square Garden on December 26th. 

- WWE has updated future live events and changed John Cena's name to "Juan Cena." Obviously this will play a part in Cena's current storyline. 

On a related note, Cena noted on Twitter today that he "bought" tickets for next week's three-hour RAW so it looks like he will be there to continue the angle. 

Matt Hardy has implied that WWE may have altered their Wellness Policy because of him during an interview with Brian Fritz of 

Hardy admits to using muscle relaxant but says he did not take anymore than his physician prescribed. He does believe that WWE amended their Policy at least partially because of his situation. 

The former WWE star also says that he was released two weeks before it was actually announced by the company. 

After last night's show from Orlando, the consensus within WWE is that the city is the best in the country in terms of drawing any kind of crowd reaction this year. 

- The Melina/Morrison butt slap segment on RAW last night appears to be WWE's way of showing that the pair are a real life couple. TNA have done similar with Chris Sabin and Velvet Skt. 

With reference to Miz's title win last night, TMZ covered the story referring to Mike Mizanin's transformation to "The Miz" and his role in MTV's "Real World" entertainment show. 

The lead paragraph reads: "Mike Mizanin - a former reality star from "Real World: Season 10" - was officially crowned as the heavyweight champion of the WWE last night ... after a huge surprise upset victory over Randy Orton." 

- Kevin Nash had the following to say about Miz' shock title win yesterday on RAW: 

"WWE told the world that there sh*t is a work with the Miz as champ"

Phil Mushnick reports that WWE agent/producer Dean Malenko suffered a heart attack in recent months. Malenko, age 50, was backstage at Sunday's Survivor Series pay-per-view in Miami and lives in the area. Mushnick adds that no mention has been made to anyone of recent health problems. Mushnick reached out to WWE spokesman Robert Zimmerman but had not received a response. 

- Beth Phoenix will be returning to SmackDown on this Friday's show. She wrote on Twitter: "I'm nervous and excited for SmackDown. I've got revenge on my mind and unfinished business to take care of." 

- With The Miz capturing the WWE Title after cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase last night, that made the Money in the Bank winners 8-for-8 in their cash-in attempts. 

There was no dark main event after last night's RAW in Orlando. After the show went off the air, Randy Orton recovered at ringside and slowly walked to the back as the crowd chanted his name. 

- The security guard who appeared in a segment with Layla and Michelle McCool on last night's show was indy wrestler and Team 3D student Teddy Stigma. He appeared on last week's TNA iMPACT episode as an extra in Jeff Jarrett's MMA exhibition. 

- CM Punk took a jab at Alex Riley's recent DUI arrest on RAW last night when Riley entered the ring for his match against Ezekiel Jackson. Punk wondered if Riley was "under the influence." 

No disciplinary action has been taken against Riley yet for the arrest and it's said that WWE officials are high on him and his role with The Miz. 

- I was looking at the Raw roster page on and John Cena has been removed. His profile is now on the WWE Alumni page. [Thanks to Matthew for sending in this news bit] 

- Daniel Bryan was playing dumb to the Bellas advances on RAW and said the following on his Twitter page: "What's the deal with the Bellas? I have absolutely ZERO idea." 

- More on The Miz's title win last night with popular ESPN columnist and long-time wrestling fan Bill Simmons saying the following on Twitter: 

"Remember the Miz of Real World/Road Rules Challenge fame? Now the WWE champion!" 

It is more exposure for WWE, especially as Simmons has over one million Twitter followers. 

I Just wanted to add to the user submitted report of the Smackdown tapings that took place on 11-23 in Jacksonville.  After the show, a segment was filmed outside Veteran's Memorial Arena that involved Paul Bearer attempting to escape Edge's capture by rolling away in his wheelchair.  Edge got into a vehicle (a gold Lexus) and "ran down" the wheelchair, potentially killing off the Paul Bearer character.
I don't believe the scene was shown to the crowd inside the arena, as it took place after most people had already filed out, and it may have even been filmed for a show to be aired at some point after the one taped earlier in the evening.

A shocking video in which both current TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy and his brother Matt shoot on WWE's CM Punk has become the rage of the Internet.

The viral video, shot in a diner, was posted by Knives Monroe, who claims "This isn't our video. It's everyones. I found it and wanted to exploit it as fast as we could because this isn't a great role model for kids."

In the controversial video, Jeff criticizes Punk's Straight Edge lifestyle, and claims Punk uses Ambien, a prescription sleep medication, to go to sleep. I can't comment on Jeff's condition in the video, because I don't know if it's real or if he's looking for attention by acting this way, but you can draw your own conclusions when watching.

If the Hardy's are acting, then Matt's performance is stellar. As a person who has seen some wild behavior in his life, I'd be rather concerned for Matt if I was within his inner circle, but who knows how much of this is grasping for publicity, and how much of it is real?

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