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Adult Underground with Deanna

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RF VIDEO along with ZBarr production presents...its sexiest shoot ever. That may sound like bragging, or filthy locker room talk, but in this case we mean it. Sometimes we have to look outside the fish bowl that is professional wrestling and spotlight another career and a different type of worker that brings us great enjoyment. In this case...strippers!! Seriously though, RF VIDEO's goal for 2005 and beyond is to continually improve and develop new concepts for our shoot interview series to give our loyal customers a quality product that they will enjoy. Shows such as Real Sex on HBO have given us a taste of the life of a stripper but RF VIDEO is going one step further by having a one-on-one interview. Like wrestling, the adult entertainment industry seems to be a world upon itself and our shoot interview finally reveals a glimpse into this world. As always, RF VIDEO and ZBARR Productions asks the tough questions and digs deep into a business that is usually closed to all outsiders.


Meet Deanna. She works 40 hours a week at a north east strip club. Deanna is 24 years old and all her friends think she's a college student You'd never think for a moment she was a stripper. Deanna is super out going and has a ton of carisma. She will go into great detail about how she got into this business. Now remember one thing about Deanna she loves to go into great details about everything. So she holds nothing back and her language can be vulgar at times.

With the curtain pulled back, you will have a unique perspective on a business that is truly like no other. In this shoot you will get a chance to get into the mind of a stripper and find out why she does what she does. How did these girls grow up? What brings them into the business and what keeps them there? RF VIDEOs track record of in-depth question continues as we find out what goes on backstage at a strip club and find out all the “casting couch” stories.
  • Whats your name and how long have you been dancing...
  • what was the first club you danced at and where
  • what made you want to become a dancer
  • what was your child hood like
  • What was your teen years like?
  • classify your self in high school
  • have u had a lot of boy friends
  • Do u wanna goto the full extreme's of being a dancer and getting cosmetic surgery, like ur beasts done etc.
  • whats the shadiest thing you have ever seen in a club and shadiest thing you have ever been a apart of
  • are u straight BI gay
  • do u have any good sex stories
  • have u ever been stalked by a customer
  • Whats the most money you have ever gotten out of one guy
  • whats ur best asset
  • why should a club owner book you
  • how old were u when you first started dancing
  • Now u were telling us before the tape that u actually had sex with 15 guys at did all this happen.
  • what was it like ur first night
  • what was it like giving ur first couch dance
  • do u get off?, getting guys off in the couch dance rooms
  • have u been offered money for favors in the much and any memorable stories
  • there's a lot of men who dress in women's clothes under there clothes...a lot of business men do this...have you had any experiences doing this
  • what were ur parents like...were they there for u
  • imagine 20 years from now u had a daughter ur age and she wanted to do what u would u react and what advice would u give her
  • how long do u feel u can do this, is there anything else in life you would rather do
  • would u like to enter the adult film industry
  • What are the dressing rooms like, is there a lot of girls trying to stab each other in the back?
  • have managers or owners attempted to get favors out of u for better shifts
  • have u ever been out with friends or family or even by yourself...and recognized by a customer
  • how old were u when u lost ur virginity
  • do u have children
  • for any women watching this that wanna get involved in the dancing world...what steps do they need to take...or is it cut and dry just take out your breast
  • have u ever been molested or raped
  • do u do any drugs, have u ever been to any rehabs
  • What makes u different from all the other girls when ur working...why would a customer want to spend money on u?
  • do u get turned on dancing
  • have u ever left with a customer, cause u really wanted to do him
  • how often do u have sex
  • What can u tell our viewers about dancers that they might not know...
  • go into detail on what u have to get the girl inside the club to date u outside of it...if u came in as a customer
  • Do you have a code name for customers?
  • Have you ever had a disease?
  • Have you ever had a yeast infection?
  • What's the most someone has offered your for sex?
  • What are the chances that you will meet a customer off hours?
  • What do you do to get yourself hyped up if an ugly person wants you?
  • Would you like a fat persons nuts for $1000 bucks?
  • What's the most money you can win a night?
  • Does stripping lead to hooking?
  • Have you ever farted while giving a lapdance?
  • Has anyone ever had a orgasm while you were giving a lapdance?
  • What do you do if someone touches you during a lapdance?
  • Are most owners evil?
  • Has an owner of a club ever tried getting you in bed?
  • Do you have heat with other girls?
  • Do slutty girls hurt the industry and make you have to do more?
  • How hard is it to have a boyfriend while you're grinding all night?
  • How tough is it to have a normal life?
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