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Behind Closed Doors with Jake Roberts

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"Behind Closed Doors" with Jake Roberts was educational, informative and most of all entertaining. This new shoot style series today is with the dean of psychology Jake Roberts. If you ask any veteran in wrestling today who the king of psychology is, they would all tell you Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

This series will not be your typical shoot interview. Instead we will sit down with a wrestling superstar and ask them questions about the inner workings of the business. This has never been done before. Whether your a wrestling fan or even a indy worker this series is a must for you to own. Its the most tutorial wrestling DVD ever!!

Did you know that Jake Roberts played a huge part in the WWF to teach other workers how to get to the next level? Did you know at one time Jake Roberts was the stepping stone for every heel to get to Hulk Hogan. He would work with all the heels like Honky Tonk Man, Rick Rude, and Ted DiBase before they would reach Hulk Hogan and mold them into where they needed to be as a heel before going onto main event matches.

Jake knew what to do and when to do it in the ring. He could have you either cheering him or throwing bottles at his head. He knew what made a great heel or a baby face. He knew how to carry a match and when to do that false finish. He talks about all of this in this new series. He will talk about the three types of heels the chicken shit, liar, and the cheater heel character. We talk about when is the right time to get color in a match. We talk about a lot of today's current WWE roster and we talk about who is doing the right things in the ring and who is not. You will be amazed on what Jake has to say. We talk about Raven as well. We even touch on his problems with the movie Beyond the Mat. We even got to ask him about his recent problem in England with the snake that they claimed he mishandled. We asked him about his drug and alcohol problems and how is he dealing with that today. What is the future for Jake? This is one DVD you don't want to miss out on.

This is just some of the stuff that we talked about with Jake:

  • What is the hardest thing for a young wrestler to grasp
  • What is the first thing you were taught by your father
  • What are some of the missing ingredients or intangibles in independent wrestlers
  • Explain wrestling psychology
  • hat is more important, selling, psychology, the finish, or bumping
  • How do you develop a good finish
  • What is the difference between a good and bad finish, examples
  • Do you prefer to have your opponents adapt to your style or do you adapt to theirs
  • Explain the kick out, the pin, and the timing
  • Why do you think so many wrestlers do not go for a pin early in a title match and your thoughts
  • Is there a different approach technically when wrestling on a Wrestlemania as compared to a house show back in the wwf
  • Who back in the 80's and 90's did you learn the most from as an opponent
  • Who have you been in the ring with where you said, this guy just doesn't get it
  • Explain the difference between stiffing your opponent and making something look good
  • Can you be a good high flying wrestler and still have good psychology
  • How smart do you think the fans are to what is going on in the ring
  • Has wrestling had to adapt in the ring to the lack of kayfabe and smarting up of the fans
  • Do you think Hulk Hogan had good psychology, and why
  • How important are managers and explain their roles
  • What is the difference between a good and bad promo
  • How much do you know about what you are going to say before you say it on a promo
  • Do you prefer to sell or comeback
  • What is the key to the placement of the DDT and why it got so over
  • Do you think that full scripted promos are hurting today's product
  • Do you think cruiserweight wrestlers expose the business
  • What is the difference in psychology in working in a main event as compared to an under card match
  • How do you go about working a championship match any differently
  • How would you book a successful feud from start to finish in today's era
  • What were the key elements to the success of your feuds with Dick Slater and Randy Savage
  • Why do you think some of your other feuds did not draw as well
  • Do you think the promos in your feud with Jerry Lawler were to real, what was right or wrong with that program
  • How can a baby face set the pace of the match as compared to a heel
  • What is the psychology of working a good tag team match as opposed to a bad one
  • Talk about the start and end to a good wrestling story
  • How much does a crowd dictate what you do in a match
  • Thoughts on when wrestlers ignore the crowd and book the match from start to finish and stick to it regardless
  • Back in the 80's how much of the match did you know before you went into it
  • What is the difference in psychology when you wrestle someone once knowing that you are coming back to the same town next month in a rematch and possibly a third
  • Thoughts on Ric Flair's psychology
  • Take us through a match with Ric Flair, what you knew going in, through the match, the finish, etc
  • What makes someone a good baby face
  • How difficult is it to do a live promo when the crowd isn't reacting to what you are saying
  • What made Roddy Piper and Ric Flair such great promo men as compared to a Lex Luger
  • What makes someone a good heel
  • How a heel can command attention from the crowd.
  • Showing your face while selling.
  • The importance of listening to the crowd.
  • Mistakes made in selling.
  • The role of the manager/valet/second.
  • When the right time is to interfere.
  • Can a booker be successful as a full time wrestler at the same time
  • What made Bill Watts a good booker as compared to Eric Bischoff
  • Can two heels or two baby faces have a successful match against each other without tarnishing the other's character or your own
  • What are the keys to staying on top after you have done jobs to the top guy in the top program
  • What are some common mistakes made in matches
  • How a heel can set the tone of a match.
  • How a baby face can set the tone of a match.
  • What is the difference psychology wise in working in a gimmick match like a steel cage match or a lumberjack match
  • What advice would you give to someone in theWWE who gets a rare match on Heat and Velocity to make themselves stick out
  • Can a non wrestler be a good booker
  • People say you have a great wrestling mind, what makes you so great in their eyes do you think
  • What everyone should do in a basic promo.
  • What makes a good baby face promo.
  • What characteristics a baby face should have.
  • What makes a good heel promo.
  • What characteristics a heel should have.
  • When is it right and when is it wrong to get color
  • Can a newsletter or an Internet reporter objectively critique a match
  • Can talent overcome being buried by the office
  • What is a good wrestling surprise as compared to a bad surprise
  • How important as a booker is it to listen to the fans or not to
  • What made Pat Patterson a great finish man
  • Talk about "less is more"
  • Can a good television writer write good wrestling
  • Can the southern style of wrestling still get over today
  • How do you go about putting a match together against Honkytonk Man as compared to Bret Hart or Ricky Steamboat.
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