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Best of Barbed Wire Vol. 1

Price: $12.00
Item Number: 02035


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1. Shoji Nakamaki vs. Hiroshi Ono (Barbed Wire Indian strap match)
2. The Original Shiek vs. Abdullah the Butcher (Steel cage match)
3. Atsushi Onita & ???? vs. Sabu & Horace Boulder (Barbed wire match)
4. Mr. Pogo & Super Invader vs. Mitsuteru Tokuda & Yukihiro Kanemura (Carribean barbed wire match)
5. Mr. Pogo vs. Mitsuhiro Matsunaga (Barbed wire baseball bat match)
6. Jason the Terrible and Leatherface vs. The Headhunters (Carribean barbed wire match)
7. The Great Nita vs. Mister Pogo (Pogo's sickle, flaming barbed wire baseball bat, with FMW wrestlers surrounding the ring)
8. Atsushi Onita vs. Hayabusa (Exploding, Electrified barbed wire cage match)
9. Terry Funk vs. Cactus Jack (Barbed wire match)
10. Shoji Nakamaki & Yukihiro Kanemura vs. Gedo & Jedo (Scramble Fire Death match)

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