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Best of Christopher Daniels- Fallen Angel

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Wrestling on the independent scene in the US and in Japan as Curry Man, Christopher Daniels has become one of the hottest prospects in the wrestling industry. This tape features matches from Michinoku Pro, IWA Puerto Rico, and ECW. Tons of classic matches and high-flying moves are featured as Daniels battles it out with some of the greatest wrestlers from throughout the world.

1. Christopher Daniels vs Pablo Marquez

2. Curry Man vs Onryo

3. Christopher Daniels & Kevin Quinn with Lita vs Danny Dominion & Ace Steele

4. Curry Man, CIMA, Super Boy vs Minoru Fujita, Shiryu 2, & Jody Fleish

5. Curry Man vs Naoki Sano

6. Christopher Daniels vs Pepe Prado

7. Curry Man vs Great Sasuke…clip

8. Curry Man, Judo Suwa, Super Boy vs Taka Michinoku, Magnum Tokyo, Minoru Fujita

9. Christopher Daniels vs Danny Boy

10. Christopher Daniels & Pablo Marquez vs Magnum Tokyo & Kendo

11. Christopher Daniels vs Rhino

12. Curry Man & Juda Suwa vs Mens Teoh & Gran Hamada

13. Curry Man, Black Warrior, Chapinger vs Gran Hamada, White Bear, Doc Chan

14. Curry Man vs Tiger Mask…clip

15. Christopher Daniels vs Aguila (Essa Rios)

16. Curry Man, Sasuke the Great, Sumo Fuji, Fake Naniwa vs Great Sasuke, Gran Hamada, Mochizuki, Minoru Fujita

17. Curry Man & Naoki Sano vs Ikuto Hidaka & Minoru Fujita

18. Christopher Daniels cs El Mosco

19. Christopher Daniels vs Super Crazy

20. Christopher Daniels vs Simon Diamond

21. Christopher Daniels & Simon Diamond vs Danny Doring & Roadkill
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