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Best of Da Hit Squad

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When Monsta Mack & Mafia, Da Hit Squad, are on the card you know one thing for sure- someone is going to get the crap kicked out of them. See the hardest-hitting tag team in wrestling in some of their most brutal and vicious matches against the very best from the independent circuit. The burning hammer, the stiffest elbow in the business, the clothesline from Compton are just a few of the weapons Da Hit Squad unmercifully unleash on their adversaries. Witness almost four hours of devastation for yourself with one of wrestlings best tag teams.

1. Hit Squad vs. Christopher St. Connection- Bayonne 2/2/01

2. Hit Squad & New Jack vs. Sandman & Homicide- Philadelphia 2/2/01

3. Hit Squad vs. Moondogs- Bayonne 4/20/01

4. Mafia vs. Dixie- Bayonne 5/18/01

5. Monsta Mac vs. Insane Dragon- Bayonne 5/18/01

6. Hit Squad vs. Insane Dragon & Dixie- Bayonne 5/18/01

7. Hit Squad vs. FBI vs. Simon Diamond & Swinger- Queens 6/30/01

8. Hit Squad vs. Insane Dragon & Dixie vs. SAT- Bayonne 7/20/01

9. Hit Squad vs. Tommy Suede & Supreme Lee Great- Bayonne 6/15/01

10. Hit Squad vs. Red & Joel Maximo- Philadelphia 6/16/01

11. Hit Squad vs. Mikey Whipwreck & JT Jobber vs. Insane Dragon & Dixie- Bayonne 8/24/01

12. Hit Squad vs. Boogie Knights (Double Tables Match)- Staten Island 8/25/01
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