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Best of Dreamer & Raven- Best of Enemies, Worst of Friends_1

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It was the hottest and most explosive feud in all of wrestling. But when Raven returned to ECW, he and his greatest enemy Tommy Dreamer, were bound together by the ECW tag team titles. This unique pairing captivated the wrestling world, but with the volitale elements of Francine and The Sandman thrown into the mix, the union of these two hated enemies was finished. Now you can witness the entire saga on one video!

1. Dreamer & Raven vs. Dudley Boys…Title Switch as Raven Returns

2. Dreamer & Raven vs. Doring & Roadkill…Buffalo NY

3. Dreamer vs. Tajiri…Asheville NC 10-1-99…Raven helps Tajiri

4. Dreamer & Raven & One Man Gang vs. Corino & Victory & Rhino…Baton Rouge LA

5. Dreamer & Raven & Sabu vs. Corino & Victory & Rhino…Fall River MA

6. Dreamer & Raven vs. Impact Players…Sandman returns to the ECW Arena

7. Dreamer & Raven & Sandman vs. Impact Players & Rhino…Chicago…11-18-99

8. Dreamer & Raven vs. Corino & Victory…Danbury CT…1-14-00

9. Dreamer & Raven vs. Candido & Rhino…Binghamton NY

10. Dreamer-Raven promo

11. Dreamer vs. Mikey…Tallahassee FL…2-5-00

12. Dreamer & Raven vs. Impact Players…Milwaukee WI…2-19-00

13. Dreamer & Tanaka vs. Impact Players…Cincinnati OH…2-26-00
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