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Best of Dudley Boyz Vol. 2- Uncut, Uncensored & Unbelievable

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This video features ECW's greatest tag doing what the do best. Awesome tag team matches are featured against Balls Mahoney, Spike Dudley, Masato Tanaka, Sabu & RVD & more. What also is featured are the enterances with the Dudley's, where the crowds in some towns almost cause riots do to the then hatred of this extreme tag team. All the swearing and taunting of the crowd by the Dudley's are included, along with the intensity and violence of their matches. Nothing is edited as you will see up close bloodshed along with a million curse words. Because of the explicit language, a little more then usual on an RF Video tape, we will have to put a parental warning on this one!

1. The Dudley Boys provoking a hostile crowd in Marietta GA

2. Dudley Boys vs. Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley 8-12-99 Cleveland OH...title change

3. Dudley Boys vs. Sabu & Rob Van Dam 10-24-98 Cleveland OH...another title change

4. Dudley Boys vs. Balls Mahoney & Masato Tanaka 10-23-98 Pittsburgh PA

5. Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Sandman 6-20-98 Philadelphia PA

6. Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Spike Dudley 8-19-99 Duluth GA

7. D-Von Dudley vs. Taz 8-19-99 Duluth GA

8. Dudley Boys vs. Axl & Balls vs. Doring & Roadkill...New Jack & Mustafa as we ll4-2-99 Edison NJ

9. Dudley Boys vs. Tommy Dreamer & Balls & Axl l7-11-98 Manchester NH

10. Dudley Boys vs. Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley 7-23-99 New Orleans LA

11. Dudley Boys & Mustafa vs. New Jack & Balls & Axl...Cage Match 3-26-99 Binghamton NY

12. Dudley Boys vs. Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley 8-26-99...Their final night Queens NY
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