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Best of Eliminators vs. Sabu & Rob Van Dam

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1. Sabu/VanDam vs. Eliminators..9/21/96 Middletown, NY

2. Sabu/Van Dam vs. Elimianators...11/1..Staten Island NY

3. Sabu/Van Dam vs. Eliminators...Gangstas come in & it turns into a 3 way dance...11/2 Middletown

4. Sabu/Van Dam vs. Eliminators...November to Remember 96'

5. Sabu/Van Dam vs. Eliminators vs. Gangstas...3 way dance..November to Remember 96'

6. Sabu/Van Dam vs. Eliminators...1/15/97 Revere, MA

7. Sabu/Van Dam vs. Eliminators...12/27/96...Downingtown, PA

8. Sabu/Van Dam vs. Eliminators..2/9 Hamburg. PA

9. Sabu/Van Dam vs. Eliminators...Table & Ladders are legal..2/21 Queens, NY

10. Sabu/Van Dam vs. Eliminators..Tables & Ladders are Legal...3/1/97...Scranton, PA
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