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Best of Explosion Deathmatches Vol. 2

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1. Terry Funk vs Onita (1993 Kawasaki Barbed Wire Time Bomb Match)
2. Onita vs Kanemura (1997 Barbed Wire Time Bomb Cage Match)
3. Great Nita vs Great Muta (1999 Jung Stadium  Double Hell Bomb Match)
4. Tanaka, Nakagawa & Kuroda vs Kanemura, Hido & Hosaka  (Double Hell Explosion Match)
5. Onita vs Matsunaga (1993 Explosion with Barbed Wire Barricades)
6. Tanaka vs Fuyuki  (11/23/99 Thunderbolt Cage Match)
7. Onita vs Chono (Explosion Match)
8. Onita vs Mr Pogo (1991 Original Land Mine Death Match)
9. Onita vs Tarzen Goto (1992 Explosion Cage Match)
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