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Best of Heavenly Bodies Vol. 2 (Prichard & Del Rey)

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Item Number: 01830


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1. Bodies vs. Armstrong

2. Bodies vs. Steiners

3. Bodies vs. Smoking Guns

4. Bodies attack the Steiners

5. Bodies vs. Steiners (rematch)

6. Bodies vs. Bruise Brothers

7. Bodies vs. R & R Express

8. Bodies vs. Bruise Brothers

9. Bodies attack Mike Furnas

10. Bodies vs. Furnas Brothers (clip)

11. Paul Morton gets attacked by Bodies

12. Robert Gibson tries to attack Bodies during a scrub match

13. Great interview, R & R come out, funny

14. Bodies vs. Wade Keller & Dave Meltzer (very funny)

15. Bodies & Kyle vs. R & R Express & Blaze (bloody)

16. Closing minutes of R & R vs. Bodies (marathon match)
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