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Best of Honky Tonk Man & Greg Valentine in BTW

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The Best of Honky Tonk Man in BTW
1.Mini Shoot- HTM goes off on Jake Roberts & Ricky Steamboat
2 HTM vs L'Emperuer Oct '04
3.HTM vs L'Emperuer II 1/7/05
4.HTM vs dash Riprock (BTW Heavyweight Title) 6/2/06
5.HTM/Jim Neidhart vs. Shannon Ballard/L'Emperuer 3/1/08

The Best of Greg "The Hammer" Valentine in BTW
1.Mini Shoot interview from 1998.
Greg talks about being part of the tag team "Rythm & Blues",His battles
with Tito Santana,battling Piper in the Chain match in the NWA then
appearing On "Piper's Pit" a year later in the WWF.The Short lived AWF
where he held the tag title with Tommy Ritch,his relationship with Ric
Flair battling for the US title and turning down an offer to join the 4
Horsemen in 1991.Greg also talks about the 90's wrestling scene how it's
changed and how he respect Chris Benoit.Remember this was 1998!
2. Valentine vs. L'Emperuer I 9/30/05
3. Valentine vs. L'Emperuer II 10/1/05
4. Valentine vs. L'Emperuer III 4/15/05
5. Valentine & Brutus Beefcake vs. Jason Styles/L'Emperuer 11/12/05
6. Valentine vs. Dash Riprock (BTW Title) 10/20/06

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