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Best of Kevin Steen in IWS: Vol. 1

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Mr. Wrestling.

Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare.

Kill Steen Kill.

Before there was Kevin Owens, NXT Champion, WWE superstar, sensation of the professional wrestling world, there was Kevin Steen, Marieville native and IWS original. For the first time ever compiled and collected, witness the birth, rise and dominance of the man who can arguably be called the very best fighter to ever step through the ropes of the International Wrestling Syndicate. If you thought Kevin Steen was violent in his worldwide path to superstardom, you have no idea what he was capable of on his home turf! Witness seven of Kevin Steen’s most hard hitting, brutal, shocking and destructive matches from the place Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare was born, Canada’s most extreme wrestling promotion, the IWS! Kill: The Best of Kevin Steen is an essential viewing experience for any professional wrestling fan, and a must have for anybody who wants to call themselves a Hardcore Solider!

  1. Vs Exess  ("V" 6-15-2004)
  2. Vs Exess Vs Sexxxy Eddy (Freedom to Fight 9-24-2004)
  3. Vs Fred Le Mervielle (Blood, Sweat, and Beers 10-23-2004)
  4. Vs Exess Vs Franky
  5. the Mobster Vs Kurt Lauderdale Vs Pierre Carl Oulette Vs El Generico (Born to Bleed 11-28-2004)
  6. Vs Franky the Mobster (UnFnSanctioned 03-26-2005)
  7. Vs Damien (Born to Bleed 05-28-2005)
  8. Vs El Generico ("V" IWS Championship 6-15-2004 First ever one on one meeting anywhere)
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