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Best of Low Ki- Rare & Unreleased From ECWA

Price: $12.00
Item Number: 02072


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You were so impressed with The Best Of Low Ki  that you demanded more of his stiff arsenal of chops, kicks and submissions. See more of the daredevil high-flying and top quality matches that have made Low Ki the hottest wrestler on the indy circuit with five unreleased matches from ECWA. These matches have never been seen anywhere!!! In addition, you will get two bonus Low Ki matches from ECWA including a classic against Christopher Daniels.

1. Low Ki vs. Scoot Andrews- 11/25/00

2. Low Ki vs. Scoot Andrews- 9/23/00

3. Low Ki & Vince Goodnite vs. Patch & Ty Street- 7/22/00

4. Low Ki vs. Jayson Reign vs. Scoot Andrews vs. Vince Goodnite vs. Russ Haas vs. Charlie Haas (6-Way Elimination Match)- 5/5/01

5. Low Ki & American Dragon vs. Haas Brothers (ECWA Tag Title Match)- 4/01

6. Low Ki vs. Japanese Pool Boy- 10/12/01

7. Low Ki vs. Christopher Daniels- 11/3/01
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