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Best of Matsunaga - Ultimate Danger

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So you like the vicious blood and gore of CZW Death matches? You think Cactus Jack getting power bombed on thumbtacks in the WWF is hardcore? Do you consider ECW extreme? This is the man that started it all. Matsunaga’s ability to absorb pain, his bloodlust and no fear attitude have made Mr. Danger a legend. This is 4 hours of sadistic savagery. Just look at all of these match stipulations if you don’t believe us!!!

1. Matsunaga vs Mr Pogo (First barbed Wire Batch Match, Pogo lights Matsunaga’s head on fire!)
2. Matsunaga vs Onita (Explosion Barbed Wire Match)
3. Matsunaga & Hido & Kanemura vs Hayabusa & Tanaka & Nakagawa (Barbed Wire Bat Match)
4, Matsunaga vs Mr Pogo (Fire Death Match)
5 Matsunaga & Ryuji Yamakawa vs Nakamaki & Great Koijika (Lights Out Barbed Wire Glass Board Double Hell Deathmatch)
6. Matsunaga & Miguel Perez Jr vs Eddie Gilbert & Dark Patriot
7. Matsunaga vs Yuki Ishikawa (Bed of Nails Deathmatch)
8. Matsunaga & Hosaka & Jason vs Hido, Kanemura & Super Leather (Barbed Wire Barricade Match)
9. Matsunaga & Goto vs Nakamaki & Yamakawa (Bug Zapper Barbed Wire Deathmatch)
10. Matsunaga & Mr Pogo vs Headhunters
11. Matsunaga, Kanemura & Hido vs Tanaka, Hayabusa & Nakagawa (No Rope Barbed Wire Spider Net Deathmatch)
12. Matsunaga vs Nakamaki (No Rope Barbed Wire Chandelier & Baseball Bat Deathmatch)
13. Matsunaga, Hido & Hosaka vs Mr Pogo, Oya & Ricky Fuji
14. Matsunaga & Kanemura vs Mr Pogo & Horace Boulder (Barbed Wire Bat Street Fight)
15. Matsunaga & Perez vs Headhunters
16. Matsunaga & Great Kojima vs Nakamaki & Yamakawa (Circus Deathmatch)
17 Matsunaga vs Juan Kasai (Lightbulb and Bed of Nails match)
18. Matsunaga vs Kasai (Fire Deathmatch)
19 Matsunaga vs Kim Duk (Anything goes Match)
20 Matsunaga, Super Leather & Hido vs Mr Pogo, Mike Awesome & Horace Boulder (Street Fight)
21 Matsunaga, Kanemura & Hido vs Tanaka, Nakagawa & Kuroda (War Games)
22 Matsunaga vs Nakamaki (Scorpion & Cactus Deathmatch)
23 Matsunaga vs Mr Pogo (No Rope Barbed Wire, Glass, Coffin, Fire Deathmatch)

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