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Best of Ric Blade- Extreme Air Master

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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Ric Blade about to execute another suicide dive from the highest place in the building!!! Ric Blade has taken death-defying dives to new levels of insanity. You'll see almost four hours of the very best of this upcoming, futuristic, junior heavyweight competitor. This tape features the best indy workers on the East coast.

1. Ric Blade & Nick Berk vs. The Backseat Boys- 12/16/00 POW

2. Blade vs. Berk- FWA

3. Blade vs. Berk vs. Trent Acid (Ladder Match)- JAP 11/18/00

4. Blade vs. Johnny Kashmere- EWF 9/15/00

5. Blade vs. Ryuji Ito- BJW 8/6/00

6. Blade vs. Abunai vs. Enbalmer- FWA 4/15/00

7. Blade vs. Insane Dragon- JAP 3/23/01

8. Blade vs. Super Crazy- CZW 1/20/01

9. Blade vs. Reckless Youth- JAPW 3/23/01

10. Blade vs. Super Crazy vs. Nick Mondo- CZW 2/10/01

11. Blade & Ruckus vs. The Briscoe Brothers- CZW 4/4/01

12. Blade vs. Abunai vs. Elax- JAPW 5/18/01

13. Blade vs. Berk- JAPW 4/20/01

14. Blade & Ruckus vs. Nick Gage & Nate Hatred- CZW 3/17/01

15. Blade vs. Acid (Ladder Match)- CZW
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