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Best of RVD TV Vol. 1

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When one of wrestling's most popular personalities stepped away from the ring at the height of his career, fans were shocked and demanded a return of "THE WHOLE FN' SHOW." And, return he did, but not to the squared circle. Rob Van Dam took to his personal website and launched a groundbreaking reality series "RVD TV." For the first time ever, fans were able to not only get a glimpse into the life of the the mega star, but to truly GET TO KNOW THE REAL ROB VAN DAM. From his personal workouts to his insight to spiritual growth, he reveals the reality of being RVD. Plus, fans get an inside look at some very interesting moments in the life of the former "Mr. Money In The Bank," as he sits down with his celebrity friends to discuss and debate the issues that matter to them from gun control to language censorship and more!

"Often Imitated, Never Intimidated" RVD is truly ONE OF A KIND and now he has personally selected 15 of his favorite 5 STAR episodes for this MUST SEE DVD: THE BEST OF RVD TV!

Featuring appearances by Samoa Joe, Andrew Bryniarski, Jay Mohr, Taboo, Justin McCully, Warrior, Chris Nowinski, Chris Mordetsky, Eric Bischoff and more!

Bonus Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Booker T

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