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Best of Sabu & Rob Van Dam- Rolling Thunder Tour

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Item Number: 00658


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Features some of Sabu & RVD's toughest tag matches and even a singles match between the two. The tape gives proof to the wrestling world why Sabu is the Lord of the Hardcores and why RVD is the whole F'N Show. This video is an action packed ECW tape with incredible excitement and rare and unique matchups.

1. Sabu & Rob Van Dam vs. Taz & Shane Douglas
2. Sabu & RVD vs. Sandman & Bam Bam Bigelow
3. Sabu & RVD vs. Dudley Boys
4. Sabu & RVD vs. Shane Douglas & Bam Bam Bigelow
5. Sabu & RVD vs. Taz & Tommy Dreamer
6. Sabu & RVD vs. Eliminators (Tables and Ladders Match )
7. Sabu & RVD vs. Tommy Dreamer & Sandman
8. Sabu & RVD vs. Pitbulls
9. Sabu & RVD vs. Jerry Lynn & Spike Dudley
10. Sabu & Chris Candido vs. RVD & Lance Storm
11. Sabu vs. RVD (Stretcher Match )
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