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Best of Sabu Vol. 17

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Extreme Insanity,,,2 hrs. Features the homicidal, suicidal, genocidial, maniac in some of his newest and insane matches. Features his big win of his long time nemesis Taz and matches against his newest rival Justin Credible. Also other classic matches from the past are included as well.

1. Sabu & Jerry Lynn vs. Lance Storm & Justin Credible

2. Sabu vs. Shane Douglas

3. Sabu vs. Perry Saturn

4. Sabu vs. Chris Candido

5. Sabu vs. Taz

6. Sabu & Gary Albright vs. Kenta Kobashi & Patriot

7. Sabu destroys Roadkill & Danny Doring & Angelica

8. Sabu vs. One Man Gang

9. Sabu vs. Balls Mahoney

10. Sabu vs. Uganda

11. Sabu & Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam & Justin Credible

12. Girl in the crowd gets naked with Sabu written on 2 extreme areas!!! - Thats Hardcore
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