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Best of Spike Dudley

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The runt of the Dudley litter could be the most hardcore man in the Dudley clan and youll see why on this 4-hour collection. See Spike climb the ladder to stardom as this tape takes you all the way from Spikes beginnings to his final ECW bout. The punishing abuse, high-flying mayhem and technical diversity of LSD are all here against the best ECW had to offer.

1. Spike Dudley vs. Chris Candido- 11/15/96

2. Dudleys turn on Spike- 2/1/97

3. Spike vs. Tazz- 3/8/97

4. Spike vs. Sabu- 3/97

5. Spike vs. Bam Bam Bigelow- 8/9/97

6. Spike vs. Bigelow- from Hardcore Heaven PPV

7. Spike vs. Shane Douglas

8. Spike, New Jack & John Kronus vs. Bubba, D-Von & Big Dick Dudley vs. Balls Mahoney, Axl Rotten & The Sandman- 1/10/98

9. Spike, Sandman & Tommy Dreamer vs. Dudleys- 5/14/98

10. Spike vs. Lance Storm- 12/26/98

11. Spike vs. Storm- 1/23/99

12. Spike vs. Tazz- 6/11/99

13. Spike & Mahoney vs. Bubba & D-Von (Flaming Tables Match)

14. Spike vs. Mike Awesome- New Orleans

15. Spike vs. Rob Van Dam- Richmond

16. Spike vs. Rhino (TV Title Tournament)

17. Spike vs. Rhino- last ECW world heavyweight title defense

18. Spike vs. Mike Awesome- Milwaukee
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