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Best of Taz One Man Crime Spree Continues

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1. Taz vs. Chris Jericho (Pillman comes in at the end)

2. Taz vs. Buh Buh Dudley

3. Taz vs. Devon Storm

4. taz vs. Jericho (Shootfight Rules, Tod Gordon and Alfonso handcuffed)

5. Taz vs. Mikey Whipwreck

6. Taz vs. Sandman

7. Taz vs. Mikey

8. Taz vs. Jason Helton (Shootfight Rules, this is the Paul Varelans angle)

9. Press Conference, contract signing of Taz vs. Varelans

10. Taz & Alfonso vs. Sandman & Gordon

11. Taz vs. Sandman
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