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Best of the Barbed Wire Matches Vol. 2

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1. LeatherFace and Original Leatherface vs Ono and Nakamaki (Barbed Wire Spike Nail Hell Death Match 12/95 IWA)
2. Onita vs Original Sheik (No Rope Barbed Wire Match 4/1992)
3. Mr Pogo vs Bart Sawyer (Barbed Wire Bat Match 6/93 Wing)
4. S Takano + Araya vs Uchu Majin & XX (Nail Barbed Wire Barricade PWC 1/1994)
5. S Takano + Araya vs Uchu Majin @ XX (Alien Spaceboard Death Match - The Rematch)
6. Headhunters vs Nakamaki and Ono (Barbed Wire Barricade Match 5/1995 IWA)
7. Onita + Gannosuke + Niiyama vs Mr Pogo + Mike Awesome + Hosaka (Electric Barbed Wire Pool Death Match 9/1994)
8. Headhunter A vs Headhunter B  (Barbed Wire Plate Death Match 5/1995)
9. Jason vs Bary Sawyer (Barbed Wire Bat 2/1994)
10 Matsunaga + Super Leather vs Mr Pogo and Boulder (Barbed Wire Graveyard Match 7/1995)
11. Terry Funk + Ono vs Nakamaki + Araya (Fire Death Match 11/1994)

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