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Best Of The Indies- ECW Arena Invasion

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Ever since ECW went out of business several independent organizations have tried to claim the ECW Arena as its home base. The result has been some tremendous matches. Now you can see just under 4 hours of the very best at the ECW Arena from these different organizations right here!!! These hungry athletes produced some of the best action the ECW Arena has ever seen!!!

1. Ghost Shadow vs. Deranged- JAPW 9/19/01

2. Trent Acid vs. Ric Blade- JAPW 4/21/01

3. Jose, Joel Maximo & The Amazing Red vs. Brian XL & Divine Storm- CZW 12/15/01

4. Crowbar vs. Road Kill vs. Bill Reil- MECW 8/11/01

5. Reckless Youth vs. Minoru Fujita vs. Mike Quackenbush- JAPW 6/16/01

6. Trent Acid vs. Nick Berk- CZW 4/13/02

7. Homicide vs. Low Ki- JAPW 7/7/01

8. Steve Corino vs. Sandman vs. Crowbar- 3PW 2/15/02

9. Xavier vs. Mike Quackenbush- JAPW 7/7/01

10. Backseat Boyz vs. VD- CZW 3/9/02

11. Curt Henning vs. Chris Harris- MECW 8/11/01

12. Hit Squad vs. SAT- JAPW 6/16/01
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