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Best of The IWA Puerto Rico Bloodbaths

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There is nothing like a Caribbean bloodbath and this tape captures all the most crimson covered contests from one of the hottest promotions in the world. Check out this violent action from IWA Puerto Rico and see why this promotion draws insane television ratings and crowd reactions on this almost 4-hour tape.

1. Chicky Starr & Victor the Bodyguard vs. Andy Anderson & Vyzago (Hardcore Match)- 10/28/00 Bayamon, PR

2. Savio Vega vs. Miguel Perez- 11/25/02 Trujillo Alto, PR

3. IWA Street Fight Brawl- 11/25/02 Trujillo Alto, PR

4. Hurricane Castillo & Pain vs. Victor the Bodyguard & Zaruxx- 11/24/00 Manaki, PR

5. Hurricane Castillo vs. Super Medico- 11/25/00 Trujillo Alto, PR

6. Chicky Starr & Agente Bruno vs. Apolo & Ricky Banderas- 8/3/01 Cayey, PR

7. Super Crazy vs. Angel (Hardcore Match)- 8/4/01 Levittown, PR

8. Tommy Dreamer vs. Hurricane Castillo- 9/7/02 Humacao, PR

9. Balls Mahoney vs. Apolo (Steel Cage Match)- 9/7/01 Humacao, PR

10. Chicky Starr is attacked by the Starr Corporation- 9/8/01- Bayamon, PR

11. Balls Mahoney vs. Apolo (Barbed Wire & Thumbtacks)- 9/8/01 Bayamon, PR

12. Victor the Bodyguard & Ricky Banderas vs. Tiger Ali Singh & Russ McCullough- 9/8/01 Bayamon, PR
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