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Best of Tommy Dreamer- 2 The Extreme

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RF Video brings you the second installment on the career of Tommy Dreamer in ECW. “The Innovator of Violence” is back and the matches are wilder than before. Witness Dreamers battles against Brian Lee, Louie Spicolli, Jerry Lawler, Rob Van Dam, Raven, & more. 

1. Tommy Dreamer vs Taz

2. Tommy Dreamer & Steve Williams vs Taz & Brian Lee

3. Tommy Dreamer vs Shane Douglas

4. Tommy Dreamer vs Brian Lee…High Incident

5. Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk vs Raven & Shane Douglas

6. Louie Spicoli attacks Dreamer

7. Tommy Dreamer vs Raven…final meeting (Jerry Lawler debuts and attacks Dreamer)

8. Tommy Dreamer vs Louie Spicoli…I-Quit Match

9. Tommy Dreamer & Sandman vs Sabu & Rob Van Dam

10. Tommy Dreamer, Sandman & mystery partner vs Sabu, Rob Van Dam, & Jerry Lawler…Cage Match

11. Tommy Dreamer vs Jerry Lawler

12. Tommy Dreamer vs Rob Van Dam…RVD & Sabu bury Dreamer under the WWF flag

13. Sabu breaks a beer bottle over Sandmans head, Dreamer saves Sandman, RVD comes out

14. Tommy Dreamer vs Rob Van Dam

15. Tommy Dreamer vs Sabu vs Shane Douglas

16. Tommy Dreamer & Taz vs Sabu & Rob Van Dam

17. Tommy Dreamer vs Rob Van Dam…Flag Match
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