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Best of Women in BTW

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Disc 1
1.Sara Del Ray vs. Valentina J. Love
2.Sara Del Ray/"Hawkeye' Shane Kody vs. Dee Licious/Dash Riprock
3.Nene Kimura vs. "Mafia Princess" Tiffany
4.Ivory vs. "Cheerleader" Mellisa
5.Ivory Mini Shoot-Talking about "Tough Enough 2" & her tenture in the "Right To Censor".
6.Ivory/Jason Styles/Shane Kody vs. Luscious J./Ballard Brothers(2 out of 2 falls)
7.Ivory/Kid Kool vs. Tiffany/Dash Riprock
Disc 2
1.Ivory/Dash Riprock vs. Tiffany/Shane Ballard
2.Ivory vs. Naddie Neidhart(Canadian Supergirls Championship)
3. SoCal Val Interview
4.Sunny mini shoot-talking about Candido's death,her falling out with Missy Hyatt,what she's been doing as of late & the fun she had in WWE & working with different tag teams.
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