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This was a video released in the 80’s which contains some of the bloodies and wildest matches from all over the country… Barbed Wire, Cages, Snake Boxes, trash cans, Scaffolds and more!

1. Headhunters vs Stud Stable (Cage Match)
2. Sheik vs Sailor Art Thomas (Fire Match)
3. Sullivan and Mark Lewin vs Lars Anderson and Siva Afi (Street Fight)
4. Stan Hansen vs Carlos Colon  (Bullrope Match)
5. Abby vs Brody (Cage Match)
6. Headhunters vs Armstrongs (Suicide Match)
7. Dump Matsamoto + Bull Nakano vs Bomb Angels (Trash Can Match)
8. Kevin Sullivan + Gamma Singh vs Ricky and Rocky Johnson (Iron Spike Match)
9. Lord Jonathan Boyd vs Jeff Jarrett (Snake Match)
10. Adrian Street vs Rip Rogers (Texas Death Match)
11. Invader vs Chickey Starr (Scaffold Match)
12. Dick the Bruiser s Johnny Valentine (Brass Knux Match)
13. Rocky Santana vs Abuddah Dean (Strap Match)
14. Original Sheik  + Mark Lewin + Kamala vs Bruiser Brody + Keith Hart + Mark McGruder (Barbed Wire Match)

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