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Breakfast in Bed with Sinn Bodhi & Stacy Carter

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An unbelievable scenario so sick only Highspots would do this. we interview Stacy Carter 10 years after she left WWE and Jerry Lawler.  We confront Stacy with everything Jerry Lawler said about her in his book and give her the chance to respond to all the rumors. Yes, we asked her all the good stuff and poor Stacy is absolutely horrified at our questions.   However, because were trying to make these interviews more creative than the normal shoot interviews weve done for yearswe make Stacy Carter answer these questions lying in bed with her new boyfriend Sinn!  Of course, Sinn hears some of these stories for the first time ever and is just as curious as us.  Youll learn all about the Original Sinn and his very interesting career that has spanned developmental, TNA,and a very short run on WWE.   Its a threesome with Stacy Carter, Sinn, and a bedroom camera!

In the first installment of Breakfast in Bed with Stacy Carter & Sinn Bodhi we discuss how these two got into the wrestling business. Childhood friend of Edge and Christian, Nick Cvjetkovich broke into the business at the famed Sullys Gym in Canada. While he was there he had a rather embracing moment with fellow trainee Trish Stratus.

Stacys first steps into the world of pro wrestling was very different. Through suggestion of a friend of her and her boyfriend at the time, Jerry Lawler, Stacy became a on air personality for the Memphis wrestling TV product.  Jerry guided Stacy through the upside down business of pro wrestling all the way to the WWE.

Also, Sinn talks about a warmer and kinder side of his mentor, Jake the Snake Roberts. A relationship that got started off on the wrong foot but has last for several years. Find out how a straight edge guy and man like Jake Roberts can be such great friends.

In part 2 Stacy and Sinn talks about their first times on a national wrestling product. Sinn talks about how he ended up on NWA-TNA and how he became a part of James Mitchells New Church.

Stacy tells us how she ended up in the WWF without ever being contacted personally by anyone from the WWF. She also talks about her time with Debra and Jeff Jarrett.

Sinn also shares his memories of working with Jeff. Another person these two know very well is Wolfie D. Stacy and Sinn have plenty of good things to say about him and plenty of crazy stories about his long time partner, Jamie Dundee. Just when you thought you heard all the Jamie Dundee stories Sinn has a few more that are absolutely hilarious.

In part 3 Stacy talks about her friendship with Chyna and how her break up with Triple H effected her personally. Also, Stacy goes into great detail to explain the 1999 Armageddon PPV topless incident. Find out if it was accident or if it was planned all along.

Part 4 is a look back at the WWF Attitude Era. What were the Divas like?  Did anyone know that Edge and Jeff Hardy would become the mega stars they are today? And does Stacy still wear the the bubble wrap bikini?

Also, Sinn talks about his awful dark match around that time in the WWE. Find out how it almost ruined his career forever.

In Part 5 Sinn talks about his time working at OVW hoping and praying for a job with the WWE. Find out how he got his contract just in the nick of time.  Also, Sinn discusses his time in FCW before he got called up to the big show.

Part 6- Did you like the idea of a wrestler named Kizarny who cut all his promos in carny? Well find out how Sinn felt about it. Sinn explains why the character was doomed to fail because of WWEs PG rating. Why didnt Doink the Clown and Jake Roberts love-child, Kizarny not get a action figure at very least?

Part 7 is the part you have been waiting for. Stacy answers all the juicy questions about her release from WWE to end of her 12 year relationship with Jerry Lawler. Stacy clears the air of all the rumors of her past relationship while our camera crew and her new boyfriend listen on.

Part 8 takes a look in to how this southern belle  can fall in love with this circus freak. Through a series of ten questions and a round of F%#k, Marry, Kill you see how this two are made for each other.

Also a ton of Bonus Footage

Aprox. 4 hrs

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