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Brian Kendrick & Paul London's Excellent Adventure

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Travel through Time & Space with Brian Kendrick & Paul London in this most Excellent Adventure!

It was quite an experience to sit down with "The" Brian Kendrick and the "Intrepid Traveler" Paul London for their first ever shoot interview. They talk at great length about their careers with insight into the inner-workings of Ring of Honor, Zero One, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, UPW and other top independent promotions they worked their way through en route to WWE.

This interview is also an inside look at the politics and policies faced by two rebellious young wrestlers trying to make their mark in the business the love. They talk at great length about the challenges they've faced, obstacles they've had to overcome and give shocking never before heard insight into the inner-workings of WWE.

When was the last time, according to Shane McMahon, that he truly cared about a tag-team? And how does it feel to hear that knowing you're currently one-half of the WWE Tag-Team Champions?! How hard is it for a free spirit to fit into the locker room? How deep are the political games? Who does favors for whom? And just what does someone have to do to get the push from the office? These are just some of the issues addressed fearlessly by London and Kendrick in what might be the most open shoot interview ever conducted by Highspots.

Both London and Kendrick have a clear and present passion for the wrestling business and talk at great length about the benefits of pro wrestling, the positive friends they've made, amazing experiences they've had on the road and the incredible journey both men took on their path to stardom. Hear all about their excellent adventures in the first ever shoot interview with Paul London and Brian Kendrick!

Topics discussed include:

  • How did they meet? How quickly did their relationship develop? Did they click right away?
  • Both give their take on training at the Texas Wrestling Academy
  •  Early memories of the likes of Bryan Danielson and Michael Shane
  • The importance of traveling on the independent circuit and sacrifices they both made to get their names out there in the public eye.
  • Kendrick talks at length about his time in Memphis under one of the original WWF developmental deals in 2000, training with the likes of William Regal, Bobby Eaton and Tracy Smothers.
  • Both talk about life on the independent circuit, how to go from being in a stand-by match to working your way into main events and both detail key events in their independent careers like matches against Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, American Dragon, Low Ki and more.
  • Both share many memories of wrestling in Japan for Zero One, including some never before insight into the Japanese night life and some of the trouble that gaijins get into after hours!
  • The differences between the independents and WWE and how tough it is to adapt.
  • How to earn respect in the locker room
  • Shocking revelations about the inner-workings of the office - How much attention did they get from head writers and Vince McMahon? How hard is it to get an idea or angle pushed through? Which agents are the most helpful and who are the most detrimental? Why were they never officially called the Hooliganz, and other ideas they pitched that never went anywhere. Including the stunning revelation direct from Shane McMahon's mouth about how long its been since the office cared about tag-teams. You will be shocked when they talk about learning more than six months into a WWE Tag-Team Title reign how long it had been since Vince had actually watched one of their matches.
  • Find out what 80's sitcom Brian compares WWE to.
  • Brian talks in-depth about his time spent training under Chris Benoit and offers new insight into Benoit's personality never before documented on tape
  • Paul offers tips on how to NOT be killed by Hardcore Holly.
  • The insane training and diet when traveling with the likes of Hardcore Holly and Chris Benoit.
  • Paul compares Vince McMahon to Rumpelstiltskin.
  • Paul also gives a chronological beat-by-beat account of everything that transpired with himself, Matt Hardy and Ashley Massaro. This is by far the most detailed account of their backstage "love triangle" that's ever been given on film as Paul details the entire story from his perspective.
  • Their experiences in "Wrestler's Court"
  • Thoughts on virtually every tag-team they faced including MNM, Deuce 'n' Domino, Highlanders, Cade and Murdoch, Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes, Haas and Benjamin, William Regal and Dave Taylor.
  • Thoughts on major WWE stars like HHH, Undertaker, Randy Orton, John Cena, Batista
  • The night Brian Kendrick relieved himself off a hotel balcony onto the band Air Supply
  • Where did "The" Brian Kendrick come from? How hard was it to get the gimmick off the ground?
  • Where did Brian want the "perfect partner" angle on Raw to go?
  • The circumstances of Brian's release and his initial thoughts on TNA so far.
  • Paul talks about the "Hybrid Dolphins" and what inspired the famous interview.
  • What does the future hold and what are both most excited about in the future?

These is also without a doubt the quirkiest shoot interview ever filmed by Highspots as the conversation with both men often goes in a dozen different directions as they discuss their favorite horror movies, preferred methods of execution, favorite discontinued breakfast cereals, outer space, 9/11, favorite conspiracy theories, zoo animals, Japanese sexual culture versus American sexual culture and virtually every other topic under the sun. Nothing is off limits on London & Kendrick's Excellent Adventure!

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