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Championship Wrestling from Florida - The Story of Wrestling in the Sunshine State

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One of the true Meccas in professional wrestling, the "Sunshine State" offered first class wrestling like no other territory in its prime. Championship Wrestling from Floriday was one of the unquestionable leaders in the field of professional wrestling.

Led by perhaps the smartest man of that era in Eddie Graham and voiced by the most recognizable public figure in wrestling, Gordon Solie. Championship Wrestling from Floriday was a destination for only fans but every top wrestling talent.

Eddie Graham not only created superstars, world champions, and household names such as Dusty Rhodes, Jack Brisco, Kevin Sullivan, and many more. For the first time CWF's history and legacy is traced in this documentary from its beginning under "Cowboy" Luttrell to its eventual demis after the shocking death of Eddie Graham.

With extensive interviews from all the key players involved in the territory, Championship Wrestling from Floriday will leave you feeling like you worked the territory yourself!

This 2-disc set features not only the story of Championship Wrestling from Florida, but several bonus matches captured on 8mm, dozens of bonus stories, many that have never been released.

Disc 1

  1. Opener
  2. Cowboy Luttrell
  3. Gordon Solie
  4. Eddie Graham the Leader
  5. Jack Brisco
  6. Eddie Graham the Politician
  7. Dusty Rhodes
  8. Mike Graham
  9. Plane Crash
  10. Kevin Sullivan
  11. Dutsy's Exodus
  12. Eddie Graham's DeathLosing Control
  13. PWF
  14. Legacy of CWF

TRT 95 minutes

Disc 2
  1. Bob Roop told by Barry Rose
  2. Lex Luger
  3. Jack Disappears told by Gerald Brisco
  4. Memories told by Brian Blair
  5. Florida Teaser Trailer
  6. Who was Gordon? told by Jonard Solie
  7. Kevin meet Woman told by George Napolitano
  8. Philosophy told by Kevin Sullivan
  9. Jack fights a fan told by Steve Keirn
  10. Near Death told by Bob Armstrong
  11. Ventures told by Jonard Solie
  12. The Passion told by Barry Rose
  13. Brisco Name told by Gerald Brisco
  14. Ox Baker vs Dusty Rhodes
  15. Dusty Poem told by Terry Funk
  16. My Hero told by Brian Blair
  17. Wahoo told by Lex Luger
  18. Puke told by Black Bart
  19. Sarasota told by Dutch Mantell
  20. Top Feuds told by Barry Rose
  21. Wahoo the Man told by Ron Bass
  22. Getting Started told by Gerald Brisco
  23. Meeting Eddie told by Jim Ross
  24. Dusty Rhodes vs Buddy Wolfe
  25. Payoffs told by Gary Hart
  26. Imperial Room told by Kevin Sullivan
  27. Midnight Rider told by Bruce Mitchell
  28. Blackjack told by Brian Blair
  29. Ron Pope told by Barry Rose
  30. Jack Stories told by Jonard Solie
  31. Freebirds told by Percy Pringle
  32. Heritage told by Gerald Brisco
  33. Pranks told by Mike Graham
  34. Arm Drag told by Ricky Steamboat
  35. Bill Watts told by Barry Rose
  36. Superstar told by George Napolitano
  37. First Match told by Lex Luger
  38. My Booker told by Al Perez
  39. Stay Home told by Jonard Solie
  40. Flying told by Steve Keirn
  41. Paul Jones told by Barry Rose
  42. Jesse Barr told by Brian Blair
  43. Jack Got Over told by Gerald Brisco
  44. Texas Boys told by Ron Bass
  45. Heel Turns told by Barry Rose
  46. My Dad the Star told by Jonard Solie
  47. Tryouts told by JJ Dillon
  48. Pay Scale told by Kevin Sullivan
  49. Razor Blades told by Superstar Billy Graham
  50. Hatori told by Gerald Brisco
  51. History told by Barry Rose
  52. Slam Me told by Brian Blair
  53. Nancy told by Blackjack Mulligan
  54. Coach told by Black Bart
  55. Inexperience told by Lex Luger
  56. The Interview told by Kevin Sullivan
  57. Sportatorium told by Gerald Brisco
  58. 5 Shots told by Jonard Solie
  59. Eddie's Accident told by Barry Rose
  60. It's Hot told by Brian Blair

TRT 2 hours 34 minutes 
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