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Classic Memphis Wrestling- 70s Arena Footage

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Corey Maclin presents Classic Memphis Wrestling! Step back in time to witness the greats that wrestled in Memphis!  An incredible history lesson as these legends are in action during their prime!

* Most of these are not complete matches


  1. Jerry Lawler vs. Bobo Brazil
  2. Tojo Yamamoto & Jerry Jarrett vs. Al Greene & Phil Hickerson
  3. Lou Thesz vs. Don Kent
  4. Tojo Yamamoto & Jackie Fargo vs. Al Greene & Phil Hickerson
  5. Tojo Yamamoto & Jackie Fargo vs. Big Bad John & John Grey
  6. Bearcat Brown & Joey Rassi vs. Don Kent & Chris Gallagher (Dutch Mantel)
  7. Bobby Mayne & Charlie Fulton vs. George Gulas & Rufus R. Jones
  8. Jerry Lawler vs. Jackie Fargo
  9. Jerry Lawler, Lou Thesz & Sam Bass vs. Eddie Marlin, Tommy Gilbert, & Ricky Gibson
  10. The Sheik vs. Steve Kovac
  11. Mr. Wrestling II vs. Jerry Lawler
  12. Sam Bass, Duke Myers & Court Drummer vs. Jerry Lawler, Eddie Marlin & Tojo Yamamoto
  13. Don Greene vs. Billy Spears
  14. Don Greene Interview
  15. Jackie & Roughouse Fargo vs. Luke Graham & Dan Duffy
  16. Jackie & Roughouse Fargo vs. Chris Colt & Bill Dundee
  17. Bearcat Brown & Phil Hickerson vs. Ron & Don Bass
  18. Al Greene & Phil Hickerson vs. Ron & Don Bass
  19. Al Greene & Phil Hickerson vs. Ron, Don & Sam Bass
  20. Ron Fuller vs. Rufus R. Jones
  21. Fuller Interview
  22. Dick the Bruiser vs. Ron Fuller
  23. Mongolian Stomper vs. Dennis Condrey
  24. Mongolian Stomper Interview
  25. Mongolian Stomper vs. Bob Armstrong
  26. Jackie Fargo vs. Jerry Lawler
  27. Tojo Yamamoto & Tommy Rich vs. Phil Hickerson & Dennis Condrey
  28. Mongolian Stomper vs. Rocky Johnson
  29. Phil Hickerson & Dennis Condrey vs. Tojo Yamamoto & Bill Dundee
  30. Tommy Rich vs. Jerry Lawler
  31. Mongolian Stomper & Jerry Lawler vs. Jackie Fargo & Rocky Johnson
  32. Mongolian Stomper vs. Jerry Lawler
  33. Mongolian Stomper Interview
  34. Interviews with Hickerson & Condrey, The Fargos & Bounty Hunters
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