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CZW Best of the Best Tournament 5/19/01

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CZW's one night junior heavyweight tournament features some of the best juniors on independent circuit. This is one of the best tapes for high flying junior action with tons of innovative moves.

Stipulation is that the first round matches will all be 3 way bouts and the guy who is pinned first will be eliminated while the two remaining guys advance to round two.

First Round
1. Ric Blade vs Red vs Winger
2. Nick Mondo vs Jay Briscoe vs Marc Briscoe
3. Minoru Fujita vs Jose Maximo vs Nick Berk
4. Trent Acid vs Ruckus vs Joe Maximo
5. Non tournament match, Eddie Valentine, John Dahmer, & Ruckus vs Jeff Rocker, Danny Rose,& Adam Flash

Quarter Finals of the Junior Tournament
6. Winger vs Red
7. Marc Briscoe vs Jay Briscoe
8. Minoru Fujita vs Nick Berk
9. Trent Acid vs Juventud Guerrera

Semi Finals of the Junior Tournament
10. Winger vs Minoru Fujita
11. Trent Acid vs Jay Briscoe
12. Non tournament match...Nick Mondo and CZW Tag Team champion Nick Gage & Nate Hatred vs Wifebeater, Justice Pain, & CZW Iron Man champion Lobo...War Games Style Match

Finals of the CZW Junior Tournament
13. Trent Acid vs Winger...rematch of their old Big Japan rivalry

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