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CZW Fake You TV Episodes 9-10

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1. Lobo & Glen Osborne promo
2. Jeff Rocker vs. Bar Cam- Glen Osborne interferes
3. Ty Street vs. Ruckus- Glen Osborne & Lobo interfere
4. Jeff Rocker promo
5. Ruckus promo
6. Danny Rose, Adam Flash & Lobo promo
7. VD vs. Briscoes vs. Danny Rose & Adam Flash- Glen Osborne & Lobo interfere
8. Promo with Danny Rose, Adam Flash, Lobo, Dewey, Nate Hatred & Nick Gage
9. Divine Storm & Brian XL promo
10. Danny Rose & Adam Flash vs. Briscoes- Nate Hatred & Nick Gage attack Jay on the way to the ring
11. promo with Briscoes mom
12. Softcore Connection vs. VD
13. Ty Street promo
14. Softcore Connection promo
15. Mark Briscoe & Ruckus vs. VD- Danny Rose & Adam Flash interfere
16. VD promo
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