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CZW Ultraviolent Death Matches

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Are you demented? Perhaps just a little sick in the head? Do you yearn for violence? Do you like to see the human body get cut to shreds by barbed wire, broken glass and other instruments of pain? Do you want to see how much abuse and torture one man can tolerate? Do you crave matches so disturbing and out of control that they can only be called Ultraviolent? Well, here is the tape for you. This is over 3 1/2 hours of the most severe, most insane and most unbelievable death matches in CZW history. Warning: Graphic violence. If the sight of blood makes you queasy, don't get this tape.

1. Wifebeater vs. Nate Hatred (Barbed Wire Tables)- 1/20/01 Smyrna, DE
2. Wifebeater vs. Hatred vs. Lobo vs. Lord Everett Devore vs. Mad Man Pondo (Flaming Barbed Wire Tables)- 2/10/01 Sewell, NJ
3. Wifebeater vs. Zandig vs. Rockin' Rebel (Barbed Wire)- 2/28/01 Dover, DE
4. Wifebeater vs. Pondo vs. Hatred (Barbed Wire Boards & Light Tubes)- 3/10/01
5. Tommy Dreamer vs. Zandig (Barbed Wire)- 4/4/01 Dover, DE- Jun Kasai makes his debut
6. Kasai & Nick Mondo vs. Justice Pain & Johnny Kashmere (Weapons Match)- 4/14/01- this is the floor camera version unedited of this infamous Un-F'N-Believable match. Includes footage never seen anywhere.
7. Backstage footage of Kasai getting medical treatment
8. Pondo vs. Lobo (No Rope Barbed Wire)- 4/14/01
9. Wifebeater vs. Zandig (Ultraviolent Death Match)- 5/12/00 Smyrna- DE- you will get two versions of this match unedited.
10. Backstage footage after the Wifebeater vs. Zandig match.
11. Ric Blade vs. Nick Gage vs. Lobo vs. Pain- 6/8/01 Sewell, NJ
12. Wifebeater vs. Pondo vs. Mondo (Light Tubes)- 6/9/01 Smyrna, DE
13. Backstage footage after the match of Nick Mondo getting glass pulled out of his back.
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