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CZW Un'FN'Believable 4/14/01

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1. Nick Berk vs Z-Barr
2. Briscoe Brothers vs Danny Rose and Jeff Rocker
3. Ruckus vs Hurricane Kid
4. Nate Hatred and Hardcore Nick Gage vs Jon Dahmer & Eddie Valentine
5. Ric Blade vs Trent Acid vs Reckless
6. Nick Mondo & Jun Kasai vs Justice Pain & Johnny Kashmere...This is the match everybody is talking about. THE SICKEST MATCH EVER IN PRO WRESTLING. This bout was filled with hundreds of lightbulbs, plus barbed wire, bats, & tons of other weapons. RF Video has exclusive footage that nobody else has as Rob Feinstein took the camera in the backstage area. You will see Jun Kasai's flesh wound and see his bone. We followed him into the shower to wash the blood off and then get stitched up. During the match Kasai also had his tail on fire.
7. Lobo vs Mad Man Pondo in the No Ropes Barbed Wire Match for the CZW Iron Man Championship. Another extremely sick and bloody match filled with tons of objects
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