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Dangerous Divas Becky Bayless

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Becky Bayless flew in from Brooklyn, New York, but she shouldn't expect much southern hospitality for her battles in the south.  Becky discovers that when it comes to fighting at this empty arena, everyone fights dirty.  She gets her hair pulled, choked, tied in knots, and nearly has her shirt ripped off.  But don't think she didn't dish out some New York street fighting tactics of her own.  It's an anything goes war on this special DVD. 
UNCENSORED VERSION! May contain adult language and wardrobe malfunctions.
  1. Becky Bayless vs. Amber O' Neal
  2. Becky Bayless vs. Allison Danger
  3. Becky Bayless vs. Alere Little Feather
  4. Becky Bayless vs. Persephone
  5. Becky Bayless vs. Talia Madison 
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