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Dustin Rhodes Shoot Interview

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The man who portrayed Goldust sat down with RF Video in 2001 for this sometimes controversial, always honest behind the scenes shoot interview about his life and relationships throughout his career. From the breakup of his marriage with Terri Runnels to his relationship with his father Dusty Rhodes to all the happenings of his career, Dustin is open in talking about it all. He has worked with every big name in the business for both WCW and WWF and he talks all about it on this shoot. Here is what Dustin talked about:

-His relationship with his father.
-How others treated him because his father was “The American Dream.”
-What was it like growing up with his dad on the road all the time?
-Did Dusty encourage him to enter the wrestling business?
-Dustin talks about breaking into the business.
-Working for his father in Florida.
-Early memories of DDP, Nasty Boys, Ric Flair and Bam Bam Bigelow.
-His first matches against Terry Funk.
-Dustin talks about going to WCW.
-He goes into detail on how he was treated in the locker room.
-Going to All Japan and working for Giant Baba.
-Memories of tagging with Kendall Windham.
-Working with Davey Boy Smith in All Japan.
-The differences between Japanese and American wrestling.
-Going to Memphis and working for Jerry Lawler.
-His matches against Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell.
-All the details on going to WWF in 1991.
-What did Dusty think of it?
-What was Vince McMahon like?
-Dustin takes us inside the locker room including what Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior were like.
-Memories of working Ted Dibiase.
-Why was he in WWF for such a short time?
-We get the scoop on his return to WCW.
-Was he treated differently?
-What was it like working for Jim Herd when Ric Flair left?
-Dustin talks about his matches against Steve Austin.
-How did he become a team with Ricky Steamboat?
-Dustin talks all about his team with Steamboat and matches against Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, Vader, Brian Pillman, William Regal, Terry Gordy and Steve Williams.
-The change in power when Bill Watts took over.
-Rhodes talks about his relationship with Terri.
-What was it like when Ric Flair came back and why he didnt wrestle Flair.
-Dustin talks about the scissor incident with Sid and Arn Anderson.
-His matches against Terry Funk.
-Dustin talks about what WCW was like when Hulk Hogan came in.
-Going to back to Vince McMahon and WWF as Goldust.
-What did his dad think of the character?
-What kind of influence did Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall have?
-Dustin talks about how he had to wrestle a different style as Goldust.
-His feuds against Roddy Piper and Ultimate Warrior.
-How did Terri get involved?
-Dustin talks about working everyone in WWF from The Rock to Undertaker to HHH.
-His view on the Montreal controversy and how that affected the locker room.
-The famous Canadian Stampede match against The Hart Foundation.
-The death of Brian Pillman.
-His relationship with Vince Russo and if Russo caused any change in the business.
-How did he feel about the shoot promo on his dad?
-Why his marriage with Terri didnt work and how the business affected it.
-Dustin takes you inside the locker room the night Owen Hart was killed.
-Is the breast implant thing true?
-The details on leaving WWF.
-Going back to WCW and the emotional interview he did with his dad.
-What was the idea behind the Seven character?
-Working Terry Funk, Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett when he returned to WCW.
-Thoughts on Kevin Nash, Eric Bischoff and other.
-What was it like when WWF bought WCW?
-All the info on WCW at this time.
-And much more
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