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ECWA 12/1/07- Newark, DE

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Item Number: 00403


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1. The Chick Magnets vs. The Green Team
2. Billy Bax vs. Rob Eckos
3. Mr. Scott Wright vs. Glen Osbourne
4. Team Mega vs. Team Darling
5. JJ The Crew Guy vs. Chase Del Monte
6. Ace Darling vs. Freak Nastty
7. Freak Nastty vs. Mr. Ooh La La
8. Freak Nastty vs. Travis Blake
9. Freak Nastty vs. Frederick of Hollywood
10. Freak Nastty vs. El Trouble
11. The Logan Brothers vs. The Valedictorians vs. The Heavyweights vs. Berlin Bad Boys
12. Mike Reed vs. Aden Chambers


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